Pioneer DVR 110D problems - slow, hangs,

I just find the DVD Burner very ordinary. I find the system hangs for 30 seconds to a minute while the DVD thinks about an operation. I cannot access any other app like office , explorer etc. The DVD will not open a zip file that it has copiedd across using XP send to function. It is on the CD RW but when I click on it it sais “The compressed (zipped)folder is invalid or corrupt” I know the original zip file is good - and I have burnt it several times to different media but still will not open/run it. Why??/

I have put latest firmaware upgrade on.

I have a AMD dual core 4400, 1 gb ram so shold not be a system problem

Any help in improving performance would be great

This could be easily an hardware problem, eg. from bad RAM/MEMORY.

If you are not using the standard IDE drivers from m$, install them.

The drivers are from MS. Not sure how to trouble shoot this - it is a new PC,

Perform a burn eg. using Nero, save the log and post it here (remove serials).