Pioneer DVR-110D problem


After I upgraded my Pioneer DVR-110d firmware to 1.41, it didn’t write dvds correctly anymore: after burning, Nero gave me sector errors.

So I decided to downgrade my firmware. With DVRFlash everything went ok, but I’ve got the same result. I downgraded from version to version, but once it gave me strange error messages: When I tried to use the official firmware I got “failed to move to the normal mode” error. When I used DVRFlash I got “Could not send the Flash command (Sense: 04 4C 01)” error.

I tried DVRFlash under Linux, everything went ok. Reboot, and try again in windows got the same error messages. Repaired in Linux, reboot, and test it. Now it writes everything ok, but I realised that it doesn’t read correctly. When copying after about 4 Gb BSOD message of MACHINE_EXCEPTION_ERROR comes out, and system halts. In linux, after about 2 Gb, the copying stops, and the cd-rom halts. Couldn’t umount the dvd-writer, and so the system couldn’t perform shutdown.

Now it seems to me, that my drive doesn’t read correctly… How can I fix it? (My drive is on secondary master, using 80-wire conductor cable.)

Replace the ide cable and use better media.

Tried it, nothing changed.
Before I updated the firmware, everything was ok. So I think that it has nothing to do with the cable.

You can try flashing back of course…

That’s the problem! After I flashed it back, it doesn’t read correctly. I tried with every possible firmware…
And it is also strange to me, that under windows I can’t write firmware correctly.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Flash in SAFE MODE.

Under windows using the official firmware updater I got “failed to move to the normal mode” error. Using DVRFlash I got “Could not send the Flash command (Sense: 04 4C 01)” error.
Under linux I can write firmware without any problem.
But it can’t read…

I think there is another problem and it is not the drive…
When you flash in windows, FLASH IN SAFE MODE.

And if the drive is not in UDMA4 mode, then it cannot work.

Flashing in safe mode doesn’t change anything… :frowning:
But I found the solution. I’ve got another computer with an LG 4120B dvd writer. I simply replaced both drive, and now everything’s fine. Everything working, both drive!
So I thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help!