Pioneer DVR-110D or LG GSA-4167B

I can’t decide which one to buy… have any of them ever failed for you?

I’ve had more LG failures than Pioneers. LG trays are smoother, most of my Pioneers are rattly on my recent models. Pioneer is more like the LG of old, burn speeds are quite conservative to ensure quality. LG are among the fastest now, but in my experience have more burn quality problems than Pioneer.

Both very good burners - hard choice … got a couple of both, Pioneer has the best quality on most media. I would go for the Pioneer.

Can the Pioneer burn all DVD media?

you can update the bios to support dvd-ram but not lightscribe which lg might support.

based on the 716a scans, lg & pio are on par, but pio is cheaper.

i have dvr-110 + a08xlb bezel +a10xl firmware on sale (you can buy with or without the external enclosure)

I heard the the LG has problems with AMD chipsets… is this fixed in a firmware update?

I know the LG might be faster at burning, but I think burn quality should be top priority. You should search the forum and look for quality scans.

The 110 has good firmware support, you can now flash a 110(D) or ASUS 1608P2(S) to support bitsetting+RPC1+RAM+no riplock! Doesn’t matter what version drive you buy! The 110 can now do quality scanning with DVDinfoPro, its not perfect yet but they are improving it.

Both drives should have good media support, but incase one is not, you can use Ala42’s MCSE and fix that.

whats this? bitsetting+RPC1+RAM+no riplock

Bitsetting allows you to make a +R disc read as a -ROM disc, its more compatible for dvd players when making movie backups.

RPC1, is the code for no region control (region slavery as someone else put it) on the drive, so you can play a dvd from any country.

DVD-RAM feature was added (read and write at 5x).

And the rip lock removed, means you can copy a disc at very fast speeds, when originally there were some restrictions placed.

All these features were added due to the demand for them and the efforts from many firmware modders :bow: .


Neither Pioneer 110 or LG 4167B supports lightscribe.

Supposedly multicolor light scribe will come out, but who knows when! Most likely current lightscribe drives will not support the new discs. Even still I don’t see lightscribe discs competing with inkjet printables which are photo quality.

It does not have a problem with AMD chipsets at all. There was a short period last December where people kept having problems with 4167B drives which they could not figure out, so everyone thought it was a problem with the chipsets on AMD systems (not specifically chipsets made by AMD). There were two problems :

  1. Inability to read or detect either CD/DVD discs of various kinds
  2. Problems playing the first track of an audio CD-R burned with the drive, on some CD players

Problem 1 turned out to be a power supply unit problem. One person figured this out by changing his PSU and the others found it solved their problems as well.

Problem 2 was indeed a fault with the drive. LG issued firmware DL13 recently which dealt with it.

If you go back to the original threads about 4167B problems, you’ll see that this is exactly what has happened. I myself use the drive on an AMD system with no problems. There are no outstanding problems with this drive at the moment.

As for burn quality, with DL12, the 4167B’s burn quality improved greatly, to the point where it is virtually as good as the 4163B, which was an excellent drive. I think both the 4167B and the Pioneer are on par for burn quality.

The 4167B supports book typing out of the box. You don’t have to cross flash the drive to get that.

My one and only beef with the 110 is that you have to void you warranty in order to get a feature which should normally come with any drive as standard (book typing). If you’re an experienced user, this should not be a problem but if you are a newbie with writers, flashing and warranty you might want to steer clear of it for now.

Other than that, it’s down to the price of each.

Correct. It is the LG GSA-4166B that supports lightscribe, not the 4167B.

whats book typing? and does the LG drive have modded firmware
with bitsetting+RPC1+RAM+no riplock

eric93se answered your question :wink:

bootype change capable drive can change +r type to -rom type which can improve compatability with old dvd players/drive

i think there is rpc1 firmware for lg ( try not sure about riplock but i think there is

“supermulti” is the registered by lg :wink: meaning most lg drives support dvd ram if not all current drives

The 4167B already has bitsetting (same thing as book typing) and RAM enabled by default. You don’t need to do anything for that. You can get RPC1 versions of 4167B firmware from here :

There is no anti-riplock firmware for the 4167B though.

In general, all LG retail (GSA model) DVD drives are DVD-RAM capable. Only some OEM models (GWA, GCA) don’t have DVD-RAM capability.

The store im buying it from says this “LG GSA-4167B 16X Super-Multi Internal DVD Writer (Ivory) OEM w/Software” It is a GSA model but it says its also OEM

It’s the correct model

GSA is retail.

I’m sure these dealers will never get it: BULK doesn’t mean OEM and vice versa.