Pioneer DVR 110D making coasters

Someone please help!!! I’m having problems with my Pioneer DVR 110D.

Windows XP Pro SP2
FW 1.22
Set-up as Master UDMA 4
Only device on 80pin cable.

It had been working fine for a few weeks then just started burning blank DVD’s? same media all speeds etc… So I noticed the FW 1.22 tried that it updated fine but still the same problem? How can I start to trouble shoot this?


What’s that supposed to mean?

It burns fine no errors but after the DVD is just blank. Messing with it today I got it working on 4x only? Not sure what this could be. Tried CloneDVD2 and DVD Decrypter. Ever since FW 1.17 I have noticed problems. It came with FW1.08. And I could burn 12x with my media Memorex DVD-R and +R 8x. 16x would never work but 12x on 8x media was fine with me. Then after 1.17 I noticed 12x would just make a blank DVD sometimes… Maybe 1 out of 25 burns. Now I can only use 4x? Maybe the FW upgrade is just a coincidence but how can i trouble shoot this?

System is:

Windows XP Pro SP2
P4 3.0/300Ghz
Pioneer DVR 110D 80 Pin Cable On Primary Master
Asus P5GD1 MB

No heat problems or anything Antec case power supply… Never had any system crashes or problems.



If it burns fine then the media cannot be blank (beside SIMULATION mode).
Check it please in another drive/computer.

Update your BIOS and check your settings! One other person had a similar problem and that fixed it. I know. It shouldn’t but computers can be very strange at times. Can’t hurt! Check cable connections and did you install anything lately? Even spyware you don’t know about!
Also, what is your setup? Hardware+software. Only use one software pack!
Nero and Decrypter are the best IMHO! Remove incd and DLA!

But Chef is right! If it’s burning its burning. Are you stuck in a simulation mode? Check your nero settings completely! Use another media! Look at the media surface!

Well I have tried it in another drive on this computer just a LG DVD drive and on my new toshiba laptop. And it does appear blank. Also if I try to burn on it it says not enough space. My MB bios is also updated as well. It seems that the last few firmware updates have stopped me from using my current media. I wasted about 12 DVD’s (Memorex DVD-R and DVD+R). However then I tried 6 no-name brand DVD’s and they burn fine at 12x. The Memorex only work at 4x. at 8x and 12x it makes the DVD’s with no errors however then DVD is blank after and cannot be re-used??? I never had this problem with FW1.08. Oh well maybe I can sell this media to my friends… I have a few hundred :frowning:


I have the same problem. Drive says the disc is blank, or even not present, after inserting it after writing. The same disc usually verifies in Nero just fine after the burn. Putting the burned disc into my NEC 3540A also says blank (but cannot burn it) or no disc present. On the other hand, my NEC 3540A burns this just fine.

This happens to me on CMC MAG E01(also Memorex branded, 8X) media written in my 110D. It happened to me on 1.17 and 1.22. I didn’t have the media back when I was running 1.10. The same drive writes MCC 003 (I think it is) quite well at 16X.

I just gave up and use that media in a different drive now.

Here’s a link to what I said before about the problem and the responses I got.

link to older topic, see reponse 72 and on

OMG happyscrappy I thought I was going crazy! Chef and ETP also thought the same I’m sure :P. Yeah that media worked fine before 1.17 and 1.22. What media do you use now? Looking to buy some… Do you buy online? If so where?



I’m using Verbatim MCC 003 now in this drive. It is 16X media (and was expensive, I was up against a wall and bought it at Best Buy), but it works well on this drive. It also works very well on my NEC, so I can use it in that too. So except for price it’s all good.

I just ordered some TYG01 (maybe G02) from Shop4Tech. I’ll try that when I get it. See link.