Pioneer DVR-110D Mac Firmware?



Just bought and installed the DVR-110D (firmware version 1.08). Works fine with Patchburner for iLife '05 applications, iTunes and iDVD. This website makes reference to firmware update 1.17. Checked the Pioneer website, but no Mac version available there. Does anyone know how to update the 110D firmware via Macintosh OS X Panther or Tiger?

Thanks for your help.


Not possible yet.

You would have to ask APPLE.


Like I ask Microsoft for a Pioneer drive firmware updater under Windows?

Pioneer could write this easily and should.


No offence, but that’s BS.

Apple is the OEM in that case, and the OEM is always the one who has to do the support, including firmware update®s.

So, ask someone with a PeeCee to do the update for you.


It does seem that Pioneer should provide the ability to update firmware on a Mac. I didn’t buy the drive from Apple. I bought it from a retailer and installed it myself. So isn’t Pioneer the OEM in this case?

There is a utility I have recently seen called DVRFlash that will allow Mac, Linux and other users to update firmware using the .exe files. No support for the DVR-110D yet.

Thanks for your responses.


Oh well. See, they mention minimum requirements for the burner - no mention of a MAC.

I could then argueing that I own some other non-PC systems like Amiga, Atari ST, Acorn, etc. etc and would like to have a specific flasher from Pioneer because I bought their drive.
Sorry, but’s not supposed to happen. :rolleyes:


If Pioneer wants to sell the drive OEM into the Windows market, they need to make a firmware updater for Windows.
If Pioneer wants to sell the drive OEM into the Mac market, they need to make a firmware updater for Mac.
If Pioneer wants to sell the drive OEM into the Amiga market, they need to make a firmware updater for Amiga.

It’s just business, pure and simple. If a market is of sufficient size, they should make a firmware updater for that market so they can better sell into that market.

Is the Mac market big enough? I don’t know, I don’t have the numbers. I’m sure they could get a contract programmer to write an updater for them for $5,000 or so, if they just knew who to ask.

But none of this means Apple should do it for them, or that “it’s not supposed to happen”.

Honestly, firmware updating is so easy, and Pioneer could write one that works on all their models (even selects the right firmware), that I’m a bit surprised Pioneer hasn’t done it.


Has any APPLE model a 110 yet?
Does APPLE support the 110??

My final 2 cents.


Can I ask what system you are using? I bought a 110D OEM and installed it i my external case (previously housing a LG burner) and i haven’t even been able to burn cd’s with it! I am using a G4 iBook with 10.3.9 and iLife05 and DVD studio pro 3. I tried dragon burn and toast 6.



When Apple OEMs a drive, they make the patcher for it. They don’t OEM the 110D as far as I know right now. Furthermore, Apple rarely releases firmware updates for their drives (they are coming under fire for it right now).

None of this changes the business of Pioneer selling directly to Mac customers. If that market is important to them, they should write an updater. I have to imagine it’s a pretty small market though.


The latest figures show Apple at 1.75% of computers worldwide. Mac users are loyal and vocal supporters of their niche market.
Just not very realistic.
The 110D is not really being marketed to anyone at the moment. It’s a pre-launch product in early days not even mentioned on the USA Pioneer electronics site. They are currently promoting the DVR-A09XL.


Pioneer doesn’t sell to either Mac of Windows customers. They sell to retailiers and wholesellers who in turn sell to anybody with a credit card. If Mac users buy a Pioneer drive it’s with the understanding that Pioneer doesn’t supply software support. Even their technical support is based on the “we don’t support Macs” concept.

I’ve also heard, although have no way to vrrify this, that Apple and Pioneer have an agreement dating back to when Pioneer drives were the only Superdrive in Macs, that support for the drives will be up to Apple. And since Apple doesn’t want to deal with firmware problems, they simply don’t supply a means to update them. There have been a couple of updaters from Apple, one for the 104 I think… But lately Apple has dropped the ball. Basically they seem to be saying there has to be something really wrong with the shipped firmware before they’ll supply a way to upgrade it.


New here, looks like a very informative forum with lots of nice people.

Here’s my question: How does one update the firmware in the Pioneer DVR-110D if you have a Mac? Do you really have to yank it out, install it in a Windows box and flash it? What if I can boot into OS 9? Will that help? Or would I have to resort to Virtual PC and Windows? (I don’t know any Windows people that I can impose upon…)

My firmware is version 1.17. Should I even bother? The only issue I have so far is that 16X Maxell DVD+R discs seem to “only” burn at 12x speed.

On another note, why do people say they need Patchburner to make their Pioneer DVD burners work with the iLife apps such as iTunes, iDVD, etc.? I did not install Patchburner with my previous DVD burner, an external LaCie/Pioneer unit, and the iLife apps worked flawlessly. Ditto with my new DVR-110D internal DVD burner. Am I missing something here?

My Mac: Power Mac G4, 1.25 GHZ single MDD, 1.25 GB RAM, OS 10.4.3.

Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions!


You can use the MACOS version of DVRFlash 2.2.