Pioneer DVR-110D Installation problems

I just got a new Pioneer DVD burner and swaped it with my old cd burner. I also have a LiteOn DVD Rom above my new burner. I have set the jumper pins on my new burner to master and changed my DVD Rom from Cable select (wich it was at before) to slave. When I start the comp up with just the monitor plugged in, it reads both roms just fine but since I dont have a keyboard plugged in i can go much further than that. After I plug in all my accessories such as a printer/fax/copier, a mouse, keyboard, 2 game pads, and external usb hub, and speakers, my pc just starts up and the DVD burner for some reason opens up, stays open and blinks green…the messeage on the monitor says “press any key to restart” I have absolutely no idea what is going on…I made sure all plugs are in and nothing is hooked up wrong. I had a thought that there might not be enough power? I am running win xp pro and i have an ATX case w/ 350W power supply.
Any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • Clive

Have you a data CD/DVD in your burner? is it a booteble CD/DVD?

Im not quite familliar with those terms… :doh: Sorry!

Is the drive correct connected to the mobo (black & blue connectors), correctly jumpered, connected using an 80wire UDMA IDE cable?

Is it working in UDMA4 mode?

Open Devicemanager and check if the drive(s) are correctly installed and working…

The PSU could be too weak too. 350W doesn’t mean much, it can mean the PSU ccan deliver that Watt for a half second …or maybe more.

As far as a i know the IDE, power and jumpers are all set to work.
But I cant even start the computer at all… i know that they are both recognized because when i first only plugged in my monitor and started it up it said:

Identified Primary Master - Pioneer DVR 110D
Identified Primary Slave - LiteOn DVD Rom

Error Keyboard no keyboard selected (if i added the keyboard and restarted it just went to a screen that said “press any key to reboot”

Press del to enter setup ect…


Try to isolate the problem: Disconnect both drives from the IDE bus and power and try to boot. If this fails again, check your harddisk’s IDE and power connection. The harddisk is usually also detected by the bios, so you should also see a message when booting.

Ok I will try that :slight_smile:

i unplugged the both drives and it still says “press any key to reboot” There must be something wrong with my hard drive hook up?..I have 2 drives:
they are both hooked up together by an IDE hookup with a blue like on the side that points to the side with the power hookup. The power is hooked up so the power running the drives are connected and also connected to a fan and floppy, which all relays back to the power supply. My DVR and DVD Rom are both connected together ie. Power and IDE. My DVD Rom as an audio output that i plug in and thats it.

Ive got a new problem…Fixed the old one! :slight_smile: (the jumper pin lable was put upside down!)

the comp starts to load and then says “Update ESCD Successfully” then it waits for a bit and says:
“disk boot failure, Insert system disk and press enter”
Any Ideas???
Thanks in advance and thanks for all the help so far:)

Yep, the MBR (Master Boot Record) might be damaged.

Do you have backups or images?

hahah that would be too easy…Wasnt really planning ahead was I:(
I had images:(