Pioneer Dvr-110d firmware help



Hello everyone.I recently bought a new computer with a pioneer dvr-110d preinstalled in it.I have tried to burn a dvd+r and bitset it to dvd-rom but i cant seem to figure it out.A friend suggested i do a firmware upgrade since i havent yet so i tried it.I downloaded every program pointed to me including the buffalo stuff,the dvr update etc. When i try to use the actual firmware .exe (after extracting it from .rar) it just tells me available target not found.I searched and found a similiar thread but that result didnt fix my problem.I then ran the dvr update to try to do it that way and it says:
Step 1: to kernel mode, Error, because Scsi error with ASC:26 ASCQ:0!

I am confused as to i dont know how to fix this. any help is appreciated…Thanks


To be able to flash the Buffalo firmware -which AUTO bitsets DVD+R media to booktype DVD-ROM- you have to crossflash it. That means, flash it by using the normal firmware AND the kernel firmware.

Check out the Asus/Pioneer subsection.


I did and I didnt find any results that worked.
After trying to flash it using DVRFlash v2.2, using the normal firmware it said unsupported drive type SONY,same with the kernal firmware.


Because you have to crossflash by using the -f or -ff command option.


Did that. What it then said was:
Unsupported Drive Type SONY


OK, please post the complete commandline and the output here.