Pioneer DVR-110D external via USB

Please make allowances all, as I am not a PC geek.

I took delivery of a DVR-110D today. It’s external via USB 2.0. (Its a present for my daughter’s laptop).

It burns CDs fine. But when I tried to burn a short (4 minutes) Moviemaker movie as a test, it keeps bombing out. It just says cancelling in the middle of the burn sequence. Sometimes, when it’s burning the actual movie file, other times when it’s burning the “lead out”.

I’ve tried both Phillps and Memorex DVD-R discs. I’ve tried speeds from 8x, down to 1X. Same result each time.

I know the movie file is Ok and the burning software-Sonic, is Ok, as I also have an internal DVD burner in my laptop, and that burns the movie fine.

I’ve tried to check which firmware is loaded. I’m pretty sure it’s 1.22 .

Any ideas oh venerable ones???
John (UK)

What is the burning software, which version?

Memorex media are …cheap and not reliable.

Sonic Le Version 5.
It came free with my Laptop

That’s probably not uptodate enough for the 110D, which is a kinda new burner.

Try to get the software updated or try with a Nero trial version.

I contacted Pioneer Tech support in the UK. Interestesing feedback!!
They told me that their DVD burners are not designed to be run in an external enclosure. They reckon that’s the problem. They said that the Ide to USB conversion chips in external enclosures were notoriously iffy.

They may be right, but it sounds like a cope out to me. I can’t see how people are selling these the UK externally mounted (and lots of them), when they will never work.

Views anyone.

I believe this is a double post. No no.