Pioneer DVR-110D @ eBuyer



150 beige and 150 black due on the 7th :slight_smile:




Nice to see this drive becomming avalible around europe. Just saw that bigpockets also have it on their homepage now. Shold be in stock next week.


Available in “1 - 3 days” here in Germany. :wink:


looks like eBuyer have pulled the drives, hmmm…


Havn’t seen it anywhere here in Denmark, but ok, I’ll just buy it in Germay og The UK …


A link to check for a 110/110D in Germany:
Please note, 110 and 110D are mixed up both in this section!!

New date is 8/12/05 (german 12/8/2005).

I’ll wait for the 110, same price, 2 or 3 weeks later. :wink:


51.99 at new egg!

Chef! What is the difference between the 110D and 110?


RAM capabilities.


110D DOESN’T write to DVD-RAM and 110 DOES write DVD-RAM … really logic. :disagree:


perhaps the “D” stands for "D"oesn’t?


Yeah. LOL
It’s probably just the continuum of the old scheme… 105D, 106D, 107D, 108D, 109D …

Honestly, I’m sure there will be a way to cross-flash a 110D to a 110 when both are available. :wink:


Funniest post I’ve seen this year so far. :bigsmile:




Ok, just browsed and saw that the 110D is available now.
Don’t let the info confuse you, they list DVD-RAM write support but that’s probably only due to these $§&§$&§$& name scheming.


My local shop says that the 110 are available. I have called to confirm that they do in fact have the 110 stocked and not the 110D. I am expecting a call back to see what they say. They tell me only black is available right now, but if it is the 110 I will be picking one up.

I am not too good at reading scans, but from what others have seen from the posted japanese test sites, would you say out of the box the 110 is burning at least as good as the 109 is now, or is the firmware still immature and a wait should be in call to get the same or better quality burns that the 109 is currently delivering. I am mainly using TYG02 and YUDEN000T02 media at the moment, though am going to order a spindle of TYG03 to see if the CAV bug found in the 109 is still present in the 110. I am also ordering a 5x maxell DVD-RAM disc to run some tests. I will keep my findings posted here. If anyone can get back to me on the quality of the current scans in comparison to the 109 I would appreciate it.


Without doubt the 110D.


Well are meant to be getting them in tomorrow, so not sure why Ebuyer pulled them.


Cant wait to se some test from this drive.


I just got the 110D and tried to burn a Ritek 8x DVD.

With my 108, I could burn a 8x dvd at 12x speed, But with this one, I cant.


What is it, + or - ? And what mediacode?
Did the drive recognize the media, and what speeds were offered?

And most important: Do you have a burning app which is not obsolete and which does support the drive???