Pioneer dvr 110d and mci4xg01

hello, i have a pioneer 110d with the latest official fw 1.39. unfortunately the drive won’t recognize my dvd-rs which are mci4xg01. what can i do ?

i have already checkd the fw with mcse and the disc id is there (but with no speed entry)

(image is from another fw, but it’s basically the same)

is there some hope ? :sad:

these dvd-r’s are relatively cheap, and they work with my other writer, so i’d like to keep them =)


No speed entry means the media name is in the media table, but no write strategy is available for this MID, so the default write strategy is used. What exactly do you mean with “the drive won’t recognize my dvd-rs which are mci4xg01” ?

in Nero it won’t let me chose a write speed, when such a dvdr is inserted. and when i press burn without a media inside and then put it in and close the tray, nero will inform me, that this type of media is not supported ?!!?

I also tried a SONY DVD-R which was recognized correctly :frowning:

What does DVDIdentifier display ?