Pioneer DVR 110 specs at cdrinfo

Damn what a POS, i returned (to shop not rma) my 109 today as it cant burn cdr and pioneer said if it came with FW 1.17 it is one of bad ones that cant be fixed with new FW, so i was unlucky, i was gonna get credit note for it to buy 110 later, but that 110 isnt much more then the 109, other manu’s can add new specs to current drives with new FW, but pioneer make a totally new drive and its still got poor read speeds for dvd-/+r compaired to NEC etc, and they upping the dl speeds but RW stays put.

Hmm i think i take the A09 the shop offered me in return for my bad 109 as its now dropped in price from when i bought (although its oem only bare a09xl drive)

:Z still only 40x CD-R writing and CD-Reading :frowning:

Yea 40x cdr but new 32x cdrw, i wont burn cds on pioneers i use my teac combo, but i need 109 to burn cds so i can sell it on as 100% working same as i did with my 108 to get 109.

For those of you who sold your old 108 to buy that brand spanking new 109, this is for you

j/k :wink:

Thanks for the info.

So maybe I will eventually buy a Pioneer drive…

109 could only read DVD-RAM - but 110 would be able to write these too. So now there would be more competition in the Super-Multi area!

And it writes (minus)-R DL at x8 (not x6 like the rest).

Downsides compared to the upcoming LG 4167: Only x40 CDR writing (not x48, but I don’t really care), no LightScribe…

110 is due to be released in June - so maybe it’s worth waiting for… (maybe also LG’s 4167 would be released in June, so it would be tough for me to choose between them…)

Is this the normal rate that Pioneer releases new models, or maybe they are in a hurry to release a new model because 109 is some kind of a “flop”? Or maybe just because they want to keep up with the fastest drives available?

Well i read all the expert peeps posts here about how great 109 was maturing, i didnt buy anywhere near launch, it came with 1.17FW and i didnt actually pay for it as i always said from start “i would never buy the 109”, i build pcs for a living i dont need to buy new parts when i need them.

My 108 was flawless my 109 is a POS on cds and no real benifit on dvd as i was happy on 108, lets hope my Free a09 is better at cdr aain to pass on when new drives come out but 110 looks crap but ok for nothing.

If it would support LightScribe I would maybe buy it, for now I’m waiting for the LG GSA-4165B. :iagree:

The specs list 8x CLV DVD+RW. It takes >10,000 RPM to get 8x at the inner track.

Either this is a misprint, or we are about to get the first 10,500 RPM drive, which is faster rotation speed than LG GSA-4163B’s. I’ll believe it when I see it!

Given the article’s language (“Unlike to the expectations of most hardware fans”) my money is on sloppy reporting rather than super-fast motor.

According to my info the DVR-110 is supposed to hit the market in mid-August, not June. This is for Europe.

I read at CDRlabs that these are specs from the DVDinfopro guy. We know his reputation around here. No official press release so just wait for the real one. These specs will most likely change.

How is this much different than the LG 416B?

Btw, where is that Blu-Ray support!! :frowning: :sad:


LG GSA 4167B: DVD±R = 16x, DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 6x, DVD+R DL = 8x, DVD-R DL = 4x, DVD-RAM = 5x, CD-R = 48x, CD-RW = 32x, LightScribe = 2x, buffer 2Mb

PIONEER DVR-110: DVD±R = 16x, DVD±R DL = 8x, DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 6x, DVD-RAM = 5x, CD-R = 40x, CD-RW = 32x, no LightScribe, buffer2Mb

The new 1.50 firmware for the 109 claims 8X for RW:

Or is that not CLV?

Blue-Ray comes with the next drive, release date is august 2005.

Are you willing to pay three times as much for it?

It’s 6-8x Z-CLV.

what’s the difference between dvd-ram and dvd-/+r?

This here will answer your question nicely.

I thought THIS was the next drive. :frowning: :sad: