Pioneer DVR-110 slow burn

My pioneer DVR-110 seems to burn slowly.
im using Win2000 and Nero7 and i have the 80wire cable as well.

I made sure i selected the 16x burn something around 22000KBs
and it takes like 30 mins to finish a full DVD

Im using TDK 16K TTH02 where i know this drive can burn it around 6-7 mins :confused:

Start with the very basics: Enable DMA!

If that doesn’t help, then contact Ahead / Nero!

How do you enable DMA?

Ok i changes the Secondary IDE to DMA and its working fast now thanks…

i used to have a 40 wire cable on the channel before, maybe it selected PIO due to that?

80 wire cable is necessary for this drive to function correctly because it has an UDMA4 Host Interface unlike most other dvd burners.