Pioneer dvr_110 (rev.0000) please help

Hi all
im a noob at this but i have just bought 2 pioneer dvr-110d flashed them both
now 1 is still rev 1.17
and the other has changed to a dvr-110 rev.0000
any1 help please
all the best ice

Then you have not flashed them.

One remains and the other went into FAILSAFE mode.

If you try to flash with the offical flasher packages from Pioneer, you probably have overseen the info on how to perform when flashing fails…

Startup in SAFE MODE or real DOS, then flash again.

Thanks ill try it in dos

no still not working front light flashed a couple of times and then nothing ?

Tried in real DOs, followed the guides?

What does DVRFlash -v X: output?