Pioneer DVR-110 DVD Burner Review

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Pioneer Europe NV was kind enough to send us their latest 'Super Multi" DVD Burner, the DVR-110 for review. The Pioneer brand has become synonymous with quality products, and we will be putting the DVR-110 through is paces in this review.

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Thanks for the very comprehensive and thorough review of the DVR-110.

It looks like crap warmed up - Geeks beware. A nice drive - nothing new

@manu_dvd Thank you for your obviously informed opinion. It’s a DVD burner, what did one expect it to look like? Paris Hilton perhaps?:X
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I wouldn’t mind seeing a DVD burner that looks like Paris Hilton :d

@manu_dvd Why should “geeks beware”? I don’t see how the pioneer dvr110 review should concern people who bite the heads off live chickens.

Now if I could just find a US Seller to get this… they all seem to have the DVR-110D (no Ram Write) and no sign of this one :frowning:

lol Doesn’t matter since crossflashing wer mad epossible. More important is the line “Made in ****”.

:d I bought this DVD burner at EZBuy Club for around $40. Also they have it in black! :B

Great review, but absolutely ATROCIOUS is the lousy print feature for this and other reviews on this site. Could not the web master go back to school or at least by a good CSS - XHTML book and put a proper printer version of the article and all other articles and reviews up on this site?! It is tough for many of us to read such a long article online and many I know would love a WORKING print option other than just printing one pasgte at a time. Many thanks otherwise.

The printing problem is most severe on Firefox and Netscape browsers in which case it won’t print anything but the first page, and includes all the links etc. On IE 6.02 + you can print some of the individual pages but not the whole article or review. Please fix this to make and otherwise great site even better.

I ordered from for $43.00 Many thanks for Dee’s fabulous effort at dissecting this drive. I now have a better appreciation of the printing problems for these reviews too as each section is between 11 and 28 pages long wit hteh standard formating, making for over 100 + pages to print the whole thing! As a suggestion have you thought about making these reviews into PDFs for download and printing aming for significantly smaller page numbers. You might even put all the text and tablular data in a sparate PDF and the graphics in another. Some such option would be appreciated. Cheers!

I checked both and, and neither carries the DVR-110. They both carry the DVR-110D, but in all cases, it never mentions DVD-RAM write support. So I’m with Rombaldi on this one, I’m stumped where to find this DVR-110 (with DVD-RAM write support) to order anywhere on the internet. :frowning: Dee-27, can you help us out on this one? Your cdfreaks.pricegrabber link only points to DVR-110D retailers (some retailers call the burner the “DVR-110”, but when you look at the details, it’s always the DVR-110D). Too bad Pioneer hadn’t just gone to DVR-110E or something to reduce confusion.

As far as i’m aware. DVR-110D, DVR-R100 (DVD-RAM read only) DVR-110, DVR A10 (DVD-RAM read and write) I have no idea why the DVR-110 is hard to find in the USA. There is good stocks of this drive in Europe.

Ok, so I think the mystery is solved. I first called Pioneer USA directly, and the guy confirmed that the DVR-110 (not the DVR-110D which is readily available in the US) was not sold in the US, but he didn’t know why. Then after some hunting around on other forums, I finally figured it out: ASUS re-brands the Pioneer DVR-110 as the ASUS DRW-1608P2S (and also re-brands the Pioneer DVR-110D as the ASUS DRW-1608P2). So it appears that Pioneer doesn’t market it directly in the US, letting ASUS do that. It’s the same drive, as it can be flashed with the exact same Pioneer firmware updates, and it explicitly advertises the DVD-RAM 5X write capability. I found it at as low as $42 US. However, I’m now comparing the Pioneer with the LG 4167B, which is very similar in nearly every way in terms of features, performance and price. My goal is purely DVD data backup, and comparing the reviews here on CDfreaks, and also on other sites, everyone consistently says that the LG 4167B is slightly better than the Pioneer from a writing compatibility standpoint (and seemed about the same good quailty on writing). And both drives seem to work fine on Macs, which is what I have. I had initially leaned toward the Pioneer since most Macs ship with Pioneer, but Mac OS X 10.3.9 doesn’t natively support this particular Pioneer. Both work fine with patchburn, so no real advantage for Pioneer vs. LG. Anybody have a strong opinion either way between the “Pioneer DVR-110/ASUS DRW-1608P2S” and the “LG 4167B”, when the goal is purely DVD backup (ie. don’t care about read speeds nor DL, etc.)?

Hi, I just downloaded “game cloner ver 1.20” to back up my games but when I run the software it come up on the screen "Burner find, but is invalid. I have a pioneer dvd-rw dvr110. Can anyone help. Mic

hello i just buy EMTEC DVD-RW 4.7go //120min//4x and my DVR-110 doesn’t reconize this DVD It ok with Verbatim DVD-RW 6X if you have any explication Thanks a Lot Philippe (from France) :c :stuck_out_tongue: