Pioneer dvr-110? Compared to.......Opinion?

I had a Pioneer Dvr-108bk external drive and It worked perfect with no problems. It recently broke down so I made a mistake and bought a Beng DW1620. The Benq is Bunk. I am going to order another Pioneer and throw the Benq away.
Here is my question, I cannot find a Pioneer 108, I can only find the Pioneer 110. What is the difference? Will it work exactly the same? What are your opinions on the 2? Thanks Guys and Girls

I would try for the Pioneer 109 as it is more mature and has gone through a few firmware changes (for the better). The 110 will do all the 108 will and a little faster with some media. It is still new and so will take a while to get the bugs out.

I personally would not buy another Pioneer as most of my other drives have more features and burn better but if you are sold on Pioneer the newer ones are no worse than the 108. Just be prepared for a few firmware updates.

See here for a complete review:

What burner would you recommend? I need an external unit. Money is not a problem.
I just liked the Pioneer because I just hooked it up and burned and it worked. It was very simple. I just bought a Benq DW1620 and none of the DVD;s I burn will play.

I would recommend the Liteon 1693. They make one of the best all round burners available today and their current firmware is very good with quality media. is a very good source for the US market. If you are handy you can build your own with their internal drive and a case from here.

had my Pioneer 110D. using Nero still have the same problem as the 109. Burns on TDK DVD-R with 8X, completed the burn around 16mins, then put in the next disc, fail errors. same behavior as my 109, except the 109 completed the burn around 8-9mins.

after burning 1 DVD-R, i have to shutdown Nero, put in the disc first. after the drive complete reading, i launch Nero and burn at 8X. all is okay. but if i leave Nero running and put in the next disc, the burn fail errors.

anyway with my 110D, i cannot burn CD-R at all. nothing but fail errors. so sending it back to NewEgg and get a replacement.

at the same time ordering the NEC 3540A. will try both. which ever works better will be the main burner drive and have the other as a backup.

never had these kind of problem with my Pioneer 104 or 106.

well the NEC 3540A seems to work well with my DELL 8300. using the 1.W5 firmware. 1.W7 didn’t work correctly.