Pioneer Dvr-110 Buffalo 8.37 Rpc-1 *maxrip* Full Auto-bitsetting Firmware

nullz over at rpc1 made a beauty for the 110. :clap: :clap: :stuck_out_tongue:

rip lock removed
Auto bitsetting

Scroll down on the third page, 7th post, the file is 110_837_MAXRIP.ZIP

Read all post from nullz to learn more. :smiley:

Yep, excellent!

Hi :slight_smile:
Great news, :clap: just one thing. Riplock removed & yet ripping is 5x>12x for DL. Shouldnโ€™t this be 6x>16x with riplock removed.

Depends on the media. :wink:

either way its better than friggin 2-3x like I was getting with the buffalo firmwares.

I am happy than a pig in pooh that I now have bitsetting, RAM and no rip lock. This drive is fantastic.

I just wanted to add that this firmware works on the 110D as well. Maybe a moderater can add the D in the thread title, like โ€œ110(D)โ€.

Hi :slight_smile:
Iโ€™d like to point out Iโ€™m not conplaining, just curious. Take 1 DVD Lord of the Rings for example (doesnโ€™t really matter which one) BenQ 1640 starts @ 6.54x & peaks @ 15.84x. Pioneer starts @ 5.25x & peaks @ 12.04x. Like Iโ€™ve said, no problems just curious. I believe that I got similar from 110 with QuietDrive performance mode.

Hehe, the BenQ is no Pioneer and vise versa. :wink:
Itโ€™s really curious to me why anyone would use their DVD burners to ripโ€ฆ hm. But do what you want, but donโ€™t let they catch you. :wink: