Pioneer DVR-110 and Nero 5?

Does the 110 work acceptably with Nero 5 - that is, can I burn CDs, and single layer DVDs at 2x/4x with it? (I believe Nero 5 doesn’t support dual layer, but that’s not a problem.)

If not, does anyone have suggestions for another DVD-RAM supporting drive that will work with Nero 5?

A 110 with Nero 5 - that would really be a waste.

WHY would you use that old program wioth such a new drive???

the question is… WHY NERO 5? i can’t say if it’s going to work or not, but for sure is not the best option, why to buy a 16X dvd recorder do burn at 2X? for that buy an used dvd burner, is the cheapest way!

LOL, not even worth a reply

I find that Nero 6 does a remarkably good job of treating me like a retard. Whilst you may well agree with it on this point, I do generally prefer software I’ve paid for and use regularly to not do this.

(For example, where is MDI support?)

It also fails to fix the one gripe I do have with Nero 5 - international text support. There was a minor improvement with version 6: instead of simply dropping the characters, it converted them to question marks instead. Not particularly useful for actually burning discs with the filenames I wanted, or creating disc labels with the text I wanted though…

I prefer not to upgrade to software that gives me more problems than the version I’ve already got, particularly when it doesn’t give any benefits in return.

Using speeds above 4x isn’t very viable when reading files over a 100mbit network – and 4x itself is pushing things a bit when one side is a 950mhz Duron with a network card that doesn’t do DMA.

I’d prefer to get a new drive over a used one, since burners have limited lifespans – plus recent burners can read DVD±R discs faster than old ones, something which I appreciate more than just fast write speeds.