Pioneer DVR-110/A10XL 1.37 PI/PO Scans on Various MIDS

Well I finally got a little collection of scans going on my 110@A10 Drive…
I have to say this drive is burning most my media better than my Plex@BenQ1640…

First Scan: SonyD11 Burned@12x with DVDDecrypter
I 00:39:26 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:07:07
I 00:39:26 Average Write Rate: 10,874 KB/s (7.9x) - Maximum Write Rate: 17,299 KB/s (12.5x)

Second burn: TDK TTG002 8x DVD-R Burned@8x with IMGBURN
(Not so good batch that came with the plex740a)

Third Burn:SonyD11 DVD+R burned@8x

Fourth burn:Legacy branded Gigastorage GSC003 DVD-R burned@8x with imgburn

5th Burn:Sony Branded DVD+R YUDENT002 burned@12x with IMGBURN

6th Burn: Verbatim Branded MCC003 burned@12x

7th Burn: Imation Branded MBIPG101 R04 DVD+R Burned@8x
(slight spike as it shifted speeds from 6.0x to 8.0x)

8th Burn: DVD+RW (Old sony branded RICOHJPNW01 that came with my DRU-110A) burned@2.4x (note: 3.3gig of data writen, disk was not fully erased before burn, thats why the ramp in error)

Some excellent burns there dude!

For whatever reason IMGburn doesn’t give me the best results. I’m not going to use it until another update comes out.

I haven’t read such a comment not very often really from BenQ and Plextor owners.
Nice burns/scans!

Would one say Decrypter is still the best to burn images or does IMGBURN put up a good fight for quality?

One might say that decrypter is better than imgBurn! But its pretty inexpensive to find out for ones own self. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it does burn my yuden and mcc media better (this same batch of it).
The results I got @12x speed on that media with the pio is a little better than 8x burn speed on my plex@1640, Im impressed…I haven’t even tried my good batch of MCC003 yet(verbatim lightscribe disks), will do that next burn :cool:
I think I just happend to get a blueprinted (well calibrated) drive from ASUS.(Finally) :bow:
Now im waiting for a way to get a hold of the A10XL bezel :iagree:
Can’t wait to see this drive as the FW matures through the year :iagree:
BTW… IMGBURN seems to be decrypter with out the Ripping capability, as its by the same author.

XL bezel, keep us posted please. :wink:

Correct, ImgBurn is from L.UK! aswell as DVDDecrypter is and was.
Because of well-known trouble from outer space (huh), L.UK! made us another present and coded ImgBurn without the features anyone could complain about. :slight_smile:

my dvr110 with v8.37 firmware gives ok results but my 4116b/1640 are giving me generally better results with +r media at faster speed, but 110 is sometimes little bit better with -r; 1640 sucks with +rw

btw, i have a brand new oem version of dvr110 with a10xl bezel (black) with software, anyone interested? pm me

Ehm, what about the front panel alone??

Yea what about the front bezel Alone :cool: lol
If so, me and chef are going to have to start bidding on it :doh:

Let’s clone it. :wink:

DVD Decrypter better than ImgBurn?!

I’m amazed this can happen when it’s the same code!

and since when has burn quality been effected by the software sending the ‘Write (10)’ commands?!

Hi :slight_smile:
For me it’s very close this comparing of the 1640 & 110,
For scans of 1640, see here. If you look at PIE/PIF & Jitter totals all lower than the 110. Both excellent scans though.