Pioneer DVR-109XLA Or Pioneer DVR107 is it worth it owners help



HI All I own a Pioneer 107 and i am tempted to get a pioneer 109xl one of my friends wants to buy my 107 but i was woundering is it wroth the upgrade.

I have been reading many reviews and people opinons on here and find that many people seem to complain about the 109 as a very poor drvie and thay are not as good as the other drives that pionner have produced?.

the thing is that i use ram disks to so the writer needs to supoort ram read
but io dont know what to do many people have said the 1.50 has fixed many bugs but also has made new one sas said in here

so what do you think i should do as my friend is interested in mine is it wroth it is the drvie an exellent drive or just a good drive or do you own one and wish you did not buy it ??? cane you please help me thanks


Get the 109bk at for $49 shipped and crossflash it to a A09.
Very nice unit!


Do as “etp” says and get the $49 Pioneer DVR-109 at for $49! That’s an AWESOME DEAL! :iagree:


but is it worth it what about all these problems people are having with the 109, i live in the uk


Meridus! The converted 109 to A09 is problem free!

However, since you live in the UK, you may want to price shope!

Consider these!
Pioneer 109(depends on price)
NEC 3530 3540(outstanding burners if you can get them cheap)
Plex 716a(price may be an issue)
Aopen 1608( if you can get it dirt cheap/very fast reader/slow DVD burner/very fast cd burner)


There are better burners than the 109, but there is no question that the 109 is better than the 107; I have tested both. Take the deal.


Hi :slight_smile:
Problems with early batches now no longer but to ensure you don’t get an early one the XL is the way to go
109 > A09XL whilst tis true you can flash there are differences between a109 & the XL . The honeycomb case gives greater rigidety / isolation at no extra wieght this can only enhance performance The damping is also improved
So if you really want a Pioneer go for the XL its almost sexy looking to boot
However NEC’s 3540a is a better buy allround
For Pioneer try
For NEC try

For a starting piont for price
I put this becuase they’ve the relevant drives in stock


One pound difference in the price! Wow! Tough decision! But I would get the 3540 if I were you. Boy the tax is high! Now you know why we fought the revolution! LOL


but i dont think the nec can read ram dvds i own a panasonic dvd recorder e55 for my tv and i somtimes rip the ram disks to my computer ???

my friend offerd me £35 for the 107d heheheheh and the new 109xl is only £39 so the cost would be £5 for the upgrade but its just i herd alot of people on here having problems with the 109s, you say it was the Problems with early batches was this the drive or just firmware ???

all i want to do is write dvds and xbox games as i own a xbox and herd many people having poblems with the drive and xbox backups ???

chas0039 or anyone that could answear this you said “There are better burners than the 109, but there is no question that the 109 is better than the 107; I have tested both. Take the deal.”

  1. what would you say a better burner over the a09xl and why is it better i am not bothered about hacked firmware or this or that all i want is a exellent quality burner onto disks a burner that can burn at quality.

  2. why is the 109 is better than the 107 ??? apart from speed writing

3 also what burner would you say is better than the a09xl that has ram dvd reading ???


1.The NEC 3520 has better quality burns with the media I have tested (see sig) than the Pioneer 109. That would be my first choice.

  1. The 109 has significant reductions in the total PIE/PIF errors as well as the max level of errors.

  2. The LG also has better scans than the Pioneer and it reads and writes RAM.

If you look at the scans and media scores in my sig., you can see the data I am relying on. If you don’t want to wait for the later versions of RAM drives, the Pioneer 110 and the NEC 4550, the LG would be the best all round choice with the following exceptions:

The LG is a very slow ripper and no hacked firmware seems to solve this problem.

The LG will not scan.

The LG will not bitset +RW media.

Keep in mind, the Pioneer will not do any bitsetting and I have not seen what it will do for scanning. It is a very good ripper and I use mine for that primarily.

It is hard to just own one drive. You need to balance cost, availability, features and burn quality. I rank burn quality first. I add additional drives for features.


Thats right! One drive is not enough! LOL Thats why we have several!
The AOPEN 1608 is a slow burner/fast reader but I believe it will just about do everything.
There is a Buffalo FW out for the 109 that will do bit setting. You have some tough choices to make! Do you need RAM?


Hi :slight_smile:
Yes early batches problems stemmed from f/w & weren’t taking kindly to flashing
If you need ram aspect the Pioneer is not for you , even the Pioneer DVR 110 is not going to have ram capabilities now
That leaves the LG 4163b out the current range of DVDR/W’s
Of cousre you could wait for the NEC due last quarter 05 will do all you need ( ram ) But the success of the 3540a in the UK at least may mean this becomes Jan 06


zebadee pionner drvies do have ram reading only which is all i want not bothered about ram write.

How do you know if the new NEC drive 4550 will have ram is there an atrical on the drive anywhere or info ??? the pioneer 110 is just the same drive as the 109 aprt from a couple of faster write times but as the 109 is more mature it might be better to go for the 109 over the 110

sp what your saying is the nec and lg drives are far better then pioneer drives
and the 109 is far better than the 107 drives

you say the NEC 3520 has better quality burns but what about the 3540A is that better???

dame dont know what to do dont like LG its between the NEC and pionner but need ram reading mmmmmmm


If you need RAM reading NOW - the only choice from the two IS Pioneer. I can vouch its an awesome drive. I am sure the NEC is a good drive, as well, but no RAM reading at this time. The drives are so cheap now, get what works for you now, then, upgrade to the newest and greatest later… :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Can’t find the spec sheet released by NEC (Japan) for the 4550 but it’s out there somewhere
Sorry but I assumed you wanted to edit then rewrite to ram
I have Plextor 716 x 2 NEC 3520 x 2 3540 x 2 LG 4163 x 2 Pioneer 109 x 1
In terms of value / performance 1st place goes to 3540
I still like Plextor 716 as it does have some sweet spots
The LG’s are retired / spare
The Pioneer along with the 3520’s are in my second pc & would rate them equally
In terms of what’s available currently the Pioneer 109XL would seem to be the drive for you ( I know I said 110 did not have ram facilities , but there are sites around saying it does So now I’m not sure ) But my experiences with an early 109 would lead me to suggest XL better / safer bet anyway
I even bought a XL on sunday at a fair (£39)but a mates drive has failed so he has bought it of me for now


The Pioneer 110 is a RAM burner. Not really the same as the 109.


Looks like the 110 will be the biggest upgrade yet for Pioneer. Can’t wait to pick one up. :iagree:


Let us know what you get and how it works! Someone just emailed me that the BQ and new Liteon drives were ok too. 1620 and 1693


Has anyone here used the LITE ON 1693? I am curious about this drive, if only for the special stuff only LITE ON drives have.


I have to say the 1653 I have had since before xmas was not very good past 8x, I hope 1693 is better.