Pioneer DVR-109XLA media test what to look for help

Hi all

I burnt some RitekG5 dvds today and wanted to do some tests, I used Nero CDspeed and qualtiy scan to test the dvds, i ran the tests on my aopen 1468/arr pro rom drive.

I know this drive might not be the best to compire scans on here but i wanted to scan my dvds i burnt today to see what was the best out of the burns i did and at waht speed.

Now the pictures i dont know what to look for is it best to have low PIE or low PIF, i know lower is better on both but the thing is what is best


i ask this becasue when i burn at 8x the the PIE are high and PIF are low but when i burn at 4x i get Low PIE and high PIF the opisite.

I dont know which is the best burn can you tell me and why. becasue the pioneer 109 ritekg5 x8 @ x8 write has a quality score of 98 and the rest are lower but the pioneer 107d ritekg5 x8 @ x4 write score is 96 lower but the pif and pie are lower so how can that be can you please help

and what do you think is the best in order thanks

My personal opinion is I would burn the G5’s at 4x. A little lower PI, and not much difference on the PIF. A quality score of 95 is not bad. But I would go with better media. Verbatim, Fujifilm, Taiyo Yuden… Look for Made In Japan media.

harley2ride above post i burnt the g5s @4 on my 107d which do not have now.

when i burn at 4x on the 109 its teribile it wount even play in my dvd player
heres the pic

so what would you pick after the g5s @4 on my 107d as i dont have it anymore just shows you that the 107d did a better job at these dvds even when i write them at 8x on my 109 ??

what i am supprised at is the g5s are better than the g4s very strange

going to get some Datasafe Pro (Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R in Spindle 10 will let you know how good when i get them and post some shots here

so would the pioneer109 ritekg5 x8 @ x8 be your 2nd choise as i dont have the pioneer 107d now which you rekon was the best otu of them all

can anyone help here

How do they compare in the DVD player?, or on a transfer speed plot.

The 8x has a higher average/total PI, but the maximum is no higher, while the PIF looks better.

Mind you, its only a couple of spread spikes in the PIF that spoil the 12x.

Another thing, make the tweak to enable scanning in the 109, and scan them there as well - it’s not a great scanning drive, but the second opinion may be interesting.

Generally, G05 burns better at 8X as opposed to 4X on most drives. I have burned this on my 109 and it turns out a decent burn (see my sig). Given the drive you are using for your scans, you really can’t tell much about the quality of the burn and you are probably looking for problems that are not there. The AOpen is just not that critical as a scanner. I would stick to 8X and do transfer rate tests to see that the discs are readable and then I would switch to a better media. MCC 003 from Verbatim looks good on this drive.

should be getting my Datasafe Pro (Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R in Spindle 10 hope thay are good on this drive

if i write the g5s on the 109 @
x4 it will not play in my dvd player blocky and stops
x8 will play perfectly
12x will play perfectly

if i write the g5s on the 107d which i dont have @
x4 will play perfectly
x8 not supported

chas0039 have you tried these dvds at 12x did you get a lower quality burn than 4x or even 8x

i know it might not be a good scanner but it shpould point out what media is better if i sacn all of them on the same drive

I haven’t burned these at 12X and I have no more left. My guess is that you have some of the G05s that are poor quality so I would go with the TY as an alternative but I wouldn’t go to 12X as the PIF totals are already high at 8X.

HI all just got my Datasafe pro TYG02 8x dvds for my 109 heres the picture
of the test.

I know these readings might not be the best in my aopen rom drive for reading quality but all i wanted to see is if the tyg02 where better than the ritekg05 x8

so ehat do you think of the quality ??? diffrence

Stick with TY. Nobody was ever sorry they got the best.

chas0039 thanks m8 but the thing is if you look at the

Pioneer 107d RitekG5x8 write @ 4x image it has neraly the same PIE value as the tyg02
image but the Pioneer 107d RitekG5x8 write @ 4x only double PIF as the tyg02 is it me or do the tyg02 has the same quality burn as on the pionner 109 as a ritekg5 8x burnt in a pioneer 107d or am i reading it wroung

i do know these ty dvds are quality but what do you think is it my reader i just thought it would of got better vaules than the Pioneer 107d RitekG5x8 write @ 4x
becasue i have been reading them all on the same rom drive or do`s it not work like that.

I have to say i tested an orig and it came out the worst of them all, lol

please can you help me here would you say out of all the images posted here do`s the tys still look better to you

also which is better lower PIE or PIF i know both need to low as posabile but if one has to be higher than the other what would you look for lower PIE or PIF

thanks all

also is there a better place to get high quality ture none fake dvds apart from svp in the uk thanks

a lot of people like these:

decent price too.

I concur that these are almost certainly fake TYs. Let’s face it E-net is well known for it’s budget media/overprints (Datasafe is one of it’s many labels), so it is entirely possible that the most stolen media ID code on the planet (TYG02), has been used on these discs. They could easily be nothing more than relabeled infosmart with the TYG02 media ID. I would trust those Fujifilm discs listed above, long before I would trust the datasafe discs. Fujifilm is well known for outsourcing it’s DVD+R discs to Taiyo Yuden and they have been confirmed time and time again to be authentic.

jesterrave sorry m8 but i dont think these are fakes at all thay have better quality then all my ritek writes also there have been people who have tried them here

and a review of a disk here and i looked at the code and thay use the code GG000121
so thay are not fake

the reading might not look as good as other peoples scans this is becasue i have used an aopen drive to read the quality i only wanted some help on what you thought between my ritek and ty scans if i did a scan on the write drive and software thay would be better dont know how you can say thay are fake when the PIF & PIE quality are far less thna ritek

also the link above is for fujifilm 25 pod for £7.25p when the datasafe pros are £5 for 10 pod so the datasafe pros are far more expensive to and also the link above dont sell printable tys

anyone here do you think i should get some more of these tys or ritek going to order soon, lol

do you think thay are fakes

The problem with Ritek is that the quality is variable. Many times G05s are great and the next time they are crap. You cannot be sure what you will get, especially in your side of the pond.

just thought i let you know the datasafe pros from svp are not fake i got some and on the dvd blank has two codes printed on the clear center and just on the inside dye rim
both codes have GG in the serial number and thay are

clear plastic rim code : WC52A(405748GG) i can just make out the 8 last numbers and letters in brackets which i know for a fact as its a bitch to see these numbers as these a very small and clear the other numbers not in brackets i think are right at the but i can not be to sure as its hard to read them

dye rim code: GG000110