Pioneer DVR-109 with Asus DVD E616P2


I made a config with the DVD WRITER in the subject as Master and Asus DVD reader in the subject as Slave on a P5GD1 Pro Asus mobo (Intel 915 based). This mobo has only one ide connector.
DVD Writer and Reader are correctly jumpered. I uses an 80 wire IDE Cable (these drives are UDMA 100).
Under Control Panel in XPSP2 I can see the drives; bios can detect the drives correctly. But when I try to read a cd or dvd under xp, the other drive disappear from system resources until next boot.
While the writer has no problems reading cds or dvds, the reader is somewhat slow (it seem that the bus is always accessing the drive on a regular time interrupt).

Maybe I should leave the writer without master jumper and the reader with slave jumper? Any idea?

Thanks a lot for your help. I don’t want to flash the firmware until i solve this prob. Btw, i’ve got a look on the asus site to see if there’s this kind of problem in the bios section of P5GD1 Pro…i’ve found nothing.

Bye from Italy