Pioneer DVR-109 vs NEC 3520 vs Benq 1620? I know this has been covered alot but



I actually have done alot of research on the dvd writers in this forum, reading the reviews, and searching out more information. People seem to be saying these drives are very good. Each drive has its fans but I need one to fit my needs and i don’t really know which one would be best.

Pioneer DVR-109
NEC 3520
Benq 1620 or 16XX

Here is what I want:

  1. DL DVD-R support (the faster the better, I know the media will be expensive but I would like to have it for the future)
  2. Great quality DVD-R burns (I don’t think I will be burning too many +R’s, I don’t know, don’t really like them)
  3. I am using Fuji TY02 and Maxell MXLR03(?) discs as of right now and I have a lot of them to use. But no +R’s.
  4. PI/PF scanning would be nice but don’t really need it.
  5. P-CAV writing seems to be faster.
  6. I’m putting it in a Plumax case using firewire(OXFORD 911).
  7. I also need a good ripping speed. 12x or so.
  8. Price under $90 (Newegg seems to have good deals)

So here are my questions:
A. Is Benq coming out with a new burner that will support DL DVD-R? Are there any specs? and when?
Pioneer 109 seems to have DL DVD-R at 4x. And the NEC 3520 is supposed to support it too (at 2.4X I think)

B. Is there a certain burner that is better with DVD-R (Quality Burns)?

I know people keep saying they are all good burners but what would fit my situation best?
Thank you in advance for all your replies~!


Firstly i think and this is just my opinion from comparing other peoples scans etc that the Pioneer 108 is probably the best -R burner available now (perhaps just with the media i use), dont know about the 109 yet, as for -R DL well you can booktype +R DL to DVD-ROM thus making it probably more compatible than -R DL but ofcourse nobody knows just how good -R DL will be as of yet, as i say i know nothing about the 109 but the 108 does support PI/PIF scanning with the PIODATA firmware (but ive never tried it i use my trusty 851s for all that business)

My vote goes with Pioneer for good (probably the best) -R burning and PI/PIF scanning

If you want to wait for the 109 then i’d take a look at what people say about it for all we know it could be a complete flop.


NEC seems like the best bet for now.