Pioneer DVR-109 v1.40 firmware out? seems to show a version 1.40 firmware for the DVR-109. Is this a legit firmware download? :confused: Seems a HUGE jump in version, if so. :eek:


DVD-R DL‘‚«ž‚Ý ‘Ήž
DVD-R DLVƒfƒBƒXƒN‚ðƒTƒ|[ƒg
(6x writingFŽO•H‰»ŠwƒƒfƒBƒA»)


¦DVD-R DLƒƒfƒBƒA‚ւ̏‘‚«ž‚Ý‚ÍDAO‚̂ݑΉž

says some -R DL something
some -R something
some dvd RW someting

and some cd something

any japan anime fan boy here to translate?

It looks legit and there is a kernel as well.

Nothing on the 109 website


FIRM 1.40

DVD-R DL entry correspondence
DVD-R DL new disk support
(6x writing: Mitsubishi chemical media make)
DVD-R/RW light/write quality * playback compatibility improvement

  • R/RW light/write quality improvement
    Error at time of CD-R entry correction
  • As for entry to DVD-R DL media only DAO correspondence


Yes, it looks like they fixed the -R issue. The buffalo 8.40 firmware does ot have this problem so this is good news…

OMG! If this fixes the xbox issue, I’ll wet myself.

:eek: :bigsmile:

So there is no firmware for the A09? Is this an official release? The version number seems to be right is compared to the buffalo firmware which is 8.40…

anyone tried it ?? and has it fixed burning with nero and reading on liteon drives ? and xbox ?. :smiley:

I’ll try it when I get home, movie on xbox is my concern. I don’t have a liteon drive. Here are the firmware file names:

It certainly looks legit, and the last file looks like it would be for a A09.

now reads on liteon using nero, but still dips alot right to 1x in cd speed when on liteon its perfect

This is not for A09. Here is the header off the R9100109.140 file. The other file is too small (128K) to be a firmware.

******** Copyright© 2000 Pioneer Corporation ********
This is microcode file.
Revision Level : 1.40
Hardware Version : ATA 0009
Kernel Version : GENERAL
Destination : GENERAL
File Type : Normal
Generated Date : 05/03/14
Kernel Version2 : 0003

This firmware is original firmware by Pioneer. STTRADE is a main distributor of Pioneer drives. This firmware will allow DVD-R DL burning as well does the new Buffalo Firmware.
Changelog for ST Trade is
DVD-R DL support at 6x with Mitsubish DVD-R DL disc
Improvement of DVD-R/RW write quality and playback compatibility
Improvement of DVD+R/RW write quality
Fixed error when writing to CD-R
*writing to DVD-R DL is only DAO
Change log for Buffalo is:
DVD-R DL support at 6x with Mitsubish 4x DVD-R DL disc
Improvement of DVD-R/RW write quality
Improvement of DVD+R/RW write quality
This firmware only allows DAO when writing to DVD-R DL. Multy-session and Layer jumping recording is not available.

Hope this helps

The other file is the Kernel file

So far burning on same Ritek & Maxell 4x DVD-R that didnt work before are now working. I’ve tried a 3 Data discs and 4 DVD-Videos burned at 4x in Nero. All are working in my Lite-On 167T, Pioneer Standalone, Phillips and Samsung Xbox drives. :smiley:

works for me as well, will uk and europe be exect firmware as this one from some jp site just the transfer rate really slows at end on all my dvd-r media but on liteon 167t is perfect why is this but all other stuff now is sorted how come this firmware didnt come from pioneer web site

With firmware v1.40 , dvd+r RICOHJPNR02 CAN burn at 12x ??

Movies burned with Nero now play in the xbox with sammy drive.

I’ll assume backups will work too. Not tested yet.

Could someone check if the burn rings are still there with the new firmware? Thanks…

And any guesses on when the A09 firmware will be out??