Pioneer DVR-109 v1.05 Firmware Upgrade


#1 They have the DVR-109 and the DVR-A09XL v1.05 firmware available for download.


MCC004 still only can @12x with new v1.05 firmware :frowning:


Ritek G05 is back up to 12X from 8X max on v1.00 :slight_smile: Just give 'em a few weeks. We already know this drive is P-CAV and CAV capable now, as well. :wink:


Thought I might post some scans of what the Pioneer 109 can do with budget media:

1st is CMCMAGE01 burnt at 12X
2nd is CMCMAG.AE1 burnt at 12X



these scan on CMC jsut hite the sweet spot man…Great scan!!


sadly, this new f/w still does not support bitsetting :a


firmware is updated to 1.05
ricohjpnr02 is still 8x supported only
(not a full 4.7gb disc)


Don’t expect that from Pioneer. Maybe Piodata or Buffalo… Pioneer just will not support it on their coporate branded drives.


Does Ritek G05 nicely I might add. :slight_smile: Now, if only we could get MCC004 media at 16x!


the fact you can’t burn a certified 16X disc at 16X is disturbing…


well, based on 1.01 f/w,

there r 16x media which r burnable at 16x

16x media

CMC 16x DVD+R (CMCMAGM01) - 12x ( not 16x, i made a blunder)
Sony 16x DVD+R (SONYD21) - 16x
Imation/Fujifilm (PhilipsC16) 16x dvd+r - 12x
Verbatim 16x dvd+r (MCC004) - 12x
Maxell 16x dvd+r (maxell003) - 12x
Digitank 16x dvd+r (infomer030)- 4x
Ridata 16x dvd+r (RITEKR04) - 4x
ProdiscR04 16x dvd+r - 4x

Sony 16x dvd-r ( SONY16d1) - 16x
TDK 16x dvd-r TTH02 - 16x
Maxell 16x dvd-r - 12x
OptodiscR016 16x dvd-r - 4x

i have the above media, but only interested in testing out the dvd-r ( will test TTH02 soon). no bitsetting for dvd+r is really a nuisance. just hope piodata comes with the capable f/w.


Doesn’t the Pioneer set the booktype to DVD-ROM by default? That’s what the review at cdrinfo said about the A08XL.


nope it doesnt. A08 also dun, unless flashed with Piodata f/w


Yeah, but only on DVD+R DL disks.