Pioneer dvr-109 read cd but won't read dvd

I am having trouble with my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109 drive on WinXP. The hardware is recognized and installed, however anytime I try to insert a DVD disk, it spins for a while and then nothing.

If I try double-click-ing the drive from explorer (which does not show an updated name), the window hangs.

However he read cd’s normaly…

Can anyone help me…


try a bunch of different dvd’s to see if one works. note if there are heavy scratches.

maybe your dvd collection went bad or the laser for the dvd reader is bad. that’s my guess

Try to boot from a bootable DVD or try acessing them in SAFE MODE.

Thank’s…I try everything and he still wont work…Can be that dvd read is dead,but cd’s read not!?