Pioneer DVR-109 Problem



HI all, i’m using a DVR-109, I ripped a DVD with DVD shrink, backupped to an HD folder and burnt with nero, It burned correctly but i can’t play the DVD on my DVD player and even in the pioneer DVR-109! Why? Did I do something wrong? Here’s what I did

  1. Flash the drive with 1.58 firmware (latest)
  2. opened dvd shrink latest version
  3. let it analyse my dvd
  4. re-author, selected only the movie
  5. backup to an hd folder
  6. used Nero burning rom to burn the disc (8x speed, TDK media)

It burned succesfully, the cd seems written correctly if I look the written track on the DVD, but it doesn’t work in my dvd player and in the drive itself…


What kind of media and brand have you used?
Can you select DVDDecrypter as the burning tool or just use ImgToolBurn instead of Nero?!!??


DVD Book Type ROM in Nero! Also burn direct to Nero out of Shrink!


My understanding is that you cannot set booktype on +R media with 1.58 firmware; you have to use Buffalo which is still 1.57. Am I missing something?


In nero are you making a data disc or dvd-video disc? Can you play the files from the folder on your hd?


Set it in Nero! Right! That is what I do! Let me check!


1640 shot


I’m using a poor quality 8x +R Media, maybe chas0039 is right, I cannot set booktype with 1.58 firmware and +R media, now I’m trying to burn a movie onto a Verbatim 4x -R media… let’s hope it works.


Chas !!! You da man!!!1 :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


PS/all my DVD copies play perfect in my stand alones. So it must be his player!
I would still do a direct burn out of shrink into a current update of Nero and see what happens.


Chas! When you get your ears on, have you used the speed hack on the 1640?


Sorry! Did not see it would not work in your computer! Your record mode in Nero has to be set wrong. If you burn direct out of shrink you should not have these issues.

In nero are you making a data disc or dvd-video disc? Can you play the files from the folder on your hd?


No, I don’t have a 1640. I have used it on the 1620 with no trouble.


Writing to -R media gave me no problems… so i think i’ll keep writing movies to -R media…