Pioneer DVR 109 problem after upragind firmware

Hey guys, I wonder if anyof you can help me. I upgraded the firmware on my DVR 109 to 1.58. ALl seemd to go well, the reason I did this is the burner was stuck at 4 x, ( its a 16 x burner). Updating the firmware fixed the drive speed issue, the burner is seen by nero as a 109 and it bruns at the speed it should.

The problem is in windows deivce manager (XP) the device is listed a ‘cdrom’ generic and i keep getting pop ups saying it failed to install due to a missing file.

it happens every minute or so unless I disable my secondary IDE port, I tried goin bak to a earlier firmware (1.40) but it didnt help.

anyone have any ideas how ot get my drive back to normal?

Many thanks… :slight_smile:

Uninstall the drive entry and IDE channels properly by using Devicemanager, then restart.