Pioneer DVR-109 Pre-order in Germany?

Here is a partially translated link with what looks like a pre-order for the DVR-109.


Oh, nice.

“16x/4x/16x/4x/16x DVD+R/DVD+RW/Dvd r/Dvd rw/Dvd Rome • 4x DVD+R dual Layer • 32x/24x/40x CD-r/CD-rw/CD Rome” - This sure looks like the specs of the 108 series?

If thats real spec of 109, they can stick it, its same as 108.

I will buy if thats not real and its 8x dvdrw -/+ and 8x dvd dl -/+ (- is pioneers baby and older than + for dl just never made it to production)

And a bonus of better cdr and cdrw writes although it be bonus for me as i got nice 52x32x52/16 teac combo and that is what i do cdr on not pioneer.

Only 4x for DL,toshiba can burn DL at 5X, is a huge diference in burning time.
buy a drive for DL - , when media only comes in March…

That offers are not serious. They all have in common: no date for availablility and no backed specs…
The linked offer in post one only says: available maybe mid januar.

I even doubt that specs like 4x -RW (should be 6x) and 4x +RW (should be 8x).

i think the specs are the same of nec 3520 , so add more speed to rw , and -DL
the rest is the same.

That doesn’t look like DVR-A09.

NEC ND3500

4X DVD+R DL Double Layer burning

  • 16X max. DVD+R burning
  • 8 X max. DVD-R burning
  • 4X max. DVD+RW/-RW burning
  • 40X max. CD-R & 32X max. CD-RW burning

NEC ND3520

  • 4X DVD+R DL Double Layer burning
  • 16X max. DVD+R/-R burning
  • 8X max. DVD+RW/-RW burning
  • 48X max. CD-R & 24X max. CD-RW burning

To me thats a JOKE not a upgrade, but i can buy it for like £1 more than the 3500, but it got slower CDRW lol, al they did was sped up dvdrw and cdr and slow down cdrw, what a joke, i would advise peeps to wait on next REAL upgrade model

BTW i know 3500 says 8x dvdr-, but didnt later ones and firmware updates make same spec as our pioneers 108 , ie 16x -/+ ?.

Hey i see the pioneers are all missing on UK site i deal with, maybe there getting new stock ie new models :smiley:

Yeah, the 3500 is for both +/- 16x

Cool thanks, i was 995 sure later models/firmwares did 16x -

Pat i think thata a rip of getting that 3520, what u say no u seen specs esp slower cdr.


No lol, i mean like pioneer 109 may be more cdr and cdrw speed, more dvdrw speed (which nec 3520 now has) and most of all more dl speed and add - format.

DVD-A08 was slow for both DVD and CD in the first place.

How do you work out it was slow for dvd (pioneer 108)

It was 1st 16x -/+and 4x dl, the NEC 3500 as you can look above and see wasnt even released originally as a 16x dual format it only did 8x for dvd -r, later firmwares made it 16x dual and obv ones sold with this newer firmware would be marked on box at 16x dual, the only thing slow on pioneer 108 is cdr and cdrw, which i said also above were only a bonus to me as its primary a dvd writer and i got a very good cdrw/dvd combo that does all at fastest avail today. 52/32/52/16

Pioneer is slow for dvd at least a 16x, because uses a z-cav method.

Yes if you mean the 6m 30sec instead of 5m ** secs to burn a dvd at 16x thats true as of writing strat, but its still 1st 16x dual format and 4dl writer unlike 3500 at launch, that 3520 upgrade is a disgrace, i think overall peeps agree pioneer is better drive, i had a 8x nec dl and wont own another (loaned never owned it ).

Definitely not. Pioneer will introduce their first CAV/P-CAV(?) burner with 109 thus making writing speeds faster.
BTW 108 uses Z-CLV method for burning above 6X speed, not Z-CAV (which is unknown for me).

Huh? I think it’s only a typo. :slight_smile:

The main improvements I hope to see with the 109 are *-CAV for ±R, 6x -RW, 8x +RW and of course -R DL. I hope for the best.

ok. its z-clv .
don’t hit me more :S