Pioneer DVR-109 poll

Are you happy with your PIONEER DVR-109 drive so far? (overall)

Not really, seems to have an advantage over my 108 with G05 media however on expensive verbatim media it has a fit and hands me back a piece of plastic that spikes all over the place when scanned on my 851s whereas my 108 shines with them, perhaps a FW will sort it out who knows, and that unsitely bloody ring it leaves behind on all discs! :a

yeah im definitely annoyed with this thing - seems one thing after another … using FW 1.40 right now

anything i’ve burned with this drive won’t play in my samsung dvd rom drive so i had to replace that

hangs at times during burns - wehre I have to shut the computer down manually to stop it from spinning - no other way to have it stop and eject

some of my xbox burns wont work in 3 others xboxs, yet work fine on mine … everything ive burned prior (with an older LG) worked great

Well,RMA your dive…

No problems here.
Firmware 1.40 has burnt everything I’ve thrown at it. (I don’t do Xbox.)
Plays on Wharfdale, Mustek, Liteon and Panasonic standalones I’ve got.
Brilliant with Verbatim D/L disks.

i really should … i’ve ordered it from far away so thats the only reason i haven’t yet … plus i dont have a back up burner to use in the meantime