Pioneer DVR-109 or NEC ND-3520A

Hi everyone,

I have read both the reviews for the Pioneer DVR-109 and the NEC ND-3520A, but I can’t seem to make up my mind, as I keep reading about the good + bads from both machines.
Can someone please tell me which is the better machine, and why?


I decide now the same problem with me, and i think i will buy Pioneer. The reason is durability and TM at all :slight_smile:

Hey, thx for the reply.
I think i’ll buy the Pioneer as well, been pretty happy with them, I purchased a A06, A07, and now will go for the 109 or A09.
I’ll wait until Monday, and see if anyone has any suggestions on which one I should buy.
But at this stage on Monday I think i’ll be ordering myself a new Pioneer DVR-109. :slight_smile:
Cant wait, got this PS2 game on my PC thats 5.2GB been waiting to get a Dual Layer burner to burn it, and start playing. :slight_smile: