Pioneer DVR-109 Nnot Working. Help Please

Hey everyone,
I’ve had my Pioneer DVR-109 for over a year now, have it installed in an external casing, and connect it to my laptop through firewire. Until now i have had no problems. Today i tried to make a backup copy of a dvd i own and the burn process (alcohol 120) would start and after a few percent complete, the burn speed would slow down to zero. After about 15 minutes the drive will produce a write fail error (sometimes something about sense information, sometimes about simply timing out) and just stop. I tried using Nero and DVD Decrypter with similar results, the burns would just STOP. I’ve never had problems like this before and I have no idea how to fix it. Please help me out if you can. Thanks a lot in advance guys.


Connect it internally and TEST.

I can’t connect it internally, i only have the laptop, which the burner is too big to fit into. Any other suggestions?

If you have access to another PC, which I believe most people have, connect the external casing and give it a try.

Have you changed mediatype, or do you use same media.

Hey I’ve used the same media. The drive works fine on reading, but whenever i go to write something, after a while it will just drop to 0x and eventually timeout. I don’t know why the sudden drop in performance.

I sugest you try reseting the device filter in XP, had the same issue in the past and even if I did not change a thing it stoped burning properly, and after reseting the cd-rom filter drivers of XP my problem was solved