Pioneer dvr-109 is good dvd burner?

I want to buy a pioneer dvr-109 and i want to know if this dvd burner is good ? Have problems with nero ? How much time to burn a 700mb at 40x ?

Hi dpg, do a Google search for Pioneer DVR-109 Burner Review
It is a new review, just out :slight_smile:

Or just a search in this forum… why search on Google when you can find it here …

I am using 1.17 firmware, but the 109 still seems to have issues with 16x media.

I have 16x Verbatim (-R and +R) and 16x BeAll -R discs.

BeAll is restricted to 12x burning with a QS of 92 and a burn time of 7.22 mins.

Verbatim -R burns at 16x in 6.55 mins, which nearer 12x performance, but with a QS of 96.

Verbatim +R burns at 16x in 6.38 mins with a QS of 50. However, if burned at 12x, it is faster at 6.04 mins! QS improves to 90. Both suffer from a large spike ~ 2.3Gb.

Taiyo Yuden and Maxell overspeed to 12x with good quality.