Pioneer dvr-109 install



I currently have a Samsung dvd-rom sd-616 & a cd-rw. I just bought the Pioneer dvr-109.

  1. Which drive should I replace with the new.
  2. Can I just swap the drives or do I need to do an uninstall on the old.
  3. I currently have Roxio easy media creator 7…Will this work OK or should I be looking at other software?

Thanks for any help.



I would:

  1. Keep the Samsung DVD-ROM drive-

  2. Swap out drive - be sure to double/triple check your jumper settings on the drive you install - you do not necessarily need to uninstall the old one - if you are using XP-

  3. Roxio is OK - but Nero is better - if you get Nero Suite 3 you will get all the good stuff - and you can get it here for $8 shipped (a REALLY good deal):

Just be sure that you don’t have Roxio and Nero loaded on the same computer - they are known for conflicting with each other-

Happy Burnin’



Thanks Mike…i’ll give it a go.



Your welcome - and welcome to the forums-