Pioneer DVR-109 firmware Q

Have a Pioneer DVR-109 which came with firmware 1.17 out of the box. I would like to change this to 1.55 from the Pioneer site. I downloaded DVRupdate_v0.9, and ofcourse the 1.55 firmware (RA09_FW155EU.EXE). However, reading some posts re: cross-flashing, it mentions you need a kernel which I can’t seem to find anywhere?


looks like R9143009.155 is the kernel. Good site below:

In some cases, you still need DVRupdate, even if not crossflashing … not sure if the official 109 updater doesn’t work on OEMs, or doesn’t work on some IDE chipsets, but I had to use it for a non-crossflash DVR-109 (1.09) to 1.55 - having watched 1.40, 1.50 & 1.55 go by with ZERO response from the useless OEM … the best they had to offer was 1.17

well i think your right… i dont think 109 works with some ide’s
i have an FB95 board in an xpc… cant install it… soemthing about directory not there. but it does work at all correct speeds… i would be looking at hitting the drive with a hammer. then burning down bill gates house…
but i think windows x64 sgould work werll if its all 64bit…

Anyone heard about the 1.57 firmware update ? I’m using on my 109 atm & it seems OK.
Just haven’t heard much about it.

D’oh… just found the 1.57 thread sorry !