Pioneer DVR-109 External Firmware Problem

Hi All,

First of all hello to everyone great site great info…I recently brought an external Pioneer DVR-109 via USB 2 and was getting very good speeds I recieved an email from pionneer recomendind the 1.55 firmware upgrade. I stupidly went ahead and did it, it has slowed my drive down to less than half. So for a single layer full sided DVD-R it is taking like 22mins when it used to take 7mins. Is there anyway to rollback the firmware? or do you think the latest firmware will help? I guess if it ain’t broken don’t fix it applies here…
Any help much appreciated.


DMA probably doesn’t count her, so it could be that the media you are using were downgraded in speed for burning due to the fact that Pioneer found out they were not good enough for that speed…

You can flash back to 1.50 if you want using DVRUpdate. But make sure you use the correct firmwares and have read all instruction carefully!