Pioneer dvr-109 & dvr-106D buffer problem


i have a problem with my 2 pioneer writers…

When i copy a dvd on the fly the read buffer keeps going down at different write speeds…i recorded at 8x , 4x, and 2x. speeds

i use Arita dvd-r 8x disc’s

and burn with Nero

this is my setup…

P4 2,6 gig
1 gig ram

For the Source disc i use the 106D and for the writing i use the 109… i also tried the 109 for source but the read buffer keeps going down…

I have checked the following things…

Firmware upgrade to the latest versions
DVR-106 D from 1.07 to 1.08
DVR-109 from 1.17 to 1.58

Checked the aspi drivers.
Nero aspi = allready installed
System aspi = not installed …so i installed adaptec aspi driver 1.07

The 106D is on 1 cable to the mobo and the 109 is on 1 cable connected to the mobo.They are both master on each cable…
I use S-ATA for my harddisks

i have checked the drive read speeds…
the 106D max read speed is 6x
the 109 max read speed is 16x

Checked if DMA was available. in windows and in the bios.
Primary Channel = ok
Secondary Channel = ok

Now i don’t have a clue what i can do to solve this problem…
Does someone else got an idea to solve it…

These are max values for CAV reading. The 6x CAV read speed of your 106 is to slow even for 4x CLV burning, as the start read speed is too slow for 4x. The only combination that can work at all is reading on the 109 (5x inner, 12x outer part of the disk) and writing at 4x CLV on the 106.
You would better rip to disk and then burn, both on your 109.

Ok but if i remove the 106D writer and replace it for a DVD Rom that has a reading speed of 16x …would this solve my problem…

Cause when i look at a test with Nero Info Tool from the Pioneer A06S

Average 11,85 X
Start 6,62 X
End 14,12 X
Type CAV

Average 4,35 X
Start 2,50 X
End 5,78 X
Type CAV

Then i must say when i put a dvd-r in the drive the read buffer will be going down…
Correct me if i’m wrong.

I’d like to underline the last sentence from ala42’s post.

Chef! Wore out that 110 yet?

Standard statements! If using Nero max out your buffer and HD space in Nero setup.
Yes! a 110 is in your stocking for Christmas!

Also burn at 8X for bad media and 12X for good media! Trust me on this!
Crossflash your 109 to a A09XL! It will read faster. It adds a pair of reading glasses to your burner!


the 110 works fine here.
I’m really interested to see now how crossflashed 110D>110 will work, especially for DVD-RAM discs. :wink: