Pioneer DVR-109 Burning Problems


Im new to the forum & you guys seem to know your stuff so hears my problem :slight_smile:

Iv had my writer for a few months now with no big problems untill a week or so ago.

Everytime i try to burn a DVD video onto a blank DVD-R the burning percentage sticks at certain places.

Sometime it starts burning & go`s to 1% and stays there! I can hear the DVD writer speed up & slow down erratically for ages then it eventully stops & says “Burning Failed” or sometimes it would burn to 11% then stop there and do the same speed up/slow down noise & then eventully fail.

Im using Blue RiDisc 8x DVD-Rs & iv updated to the latest firmware & uninstalled & reinstalled Nero as i read through some other threads & got those instructions but still know joy!

If anyone can help me out i would really appreiacte it as i don`t know what more to do and im wasting disc after disc trying to burn DVDs.

Cheers! :wink:

Try with better media, RiDisc (G05 in general) is not the best.

Visit :wink:

What media do you use mate or what do you consider as the best quality & value for money?

I use my media to copy DVD video discs mainly.

Cheers for you reply!

Also read THERE

Don’t get cheap with discs, in the end it will cost you more due to all the coasters you’ll have to reburn. Best discs cost in the end LESS. :iagree:

TY, Verbatim and a few others.

Too much crap on the market today. :frowning:

Actually I suddenly remember that the blue Ridiscs 8X -R are CMC MAG AE1.
This mediacode is not all that bad, but it has huge compatibility problems with the 109.
Its burns well on NEC drives though.

So don’t trash them if you know someone with a Nec burner or plan to buy one :wink:

TYG02 and MCC03RG20 are a perfect match for the 109.

Thanks for the info mate!

I thought it might be the discs becuase before i bought the 50 spindle of RiDisc DVD-Rs i was using Ritek Plain White Printable DVD-Rs and had no problems atall,though saying that the ifrst 30 or so RiDisc burnt ok except for a few then it just went downhill from there & thats what made me think it might be the writer at fault.

Cheers for all your replys people there all appreicated!