Pioneer DVR-109 BK, external case and Firmware Update



Hello, I have buy this recorder. Now I want to update the firmware from V. 1.09 to V.1.17.
My Dvd is external inside a Firewire case.

When I try to make the update, the update program recognise the DVR-109 but tell me that the drive has a disc inside and ask me to eject the disc.

I have no disc inside, but I have installed in my PC the Intel Application Accelerator. Is this the problem?



I also use my 109BK in an external firewire enclosure and had no problem upgrading from 1.01 to 1.09 and from 1.09 to 1.17.
IAA? I guess it only has effects on IDE performance and only with i845 based and older motherboards. From i865 and up IAA is only for RAID configurations.


MMmhhh, for security I remove the IAA, and then… I hope.