Pioneer DVR-109 and TDK+R 4x



Try anybody burning TDK+R 4x on Pio109 ? I tested it yesterday. In both cases (with Alcohole 120% and Nero media was corrupted. :frowning: Is it seems that Pio109 with firmware 1.17 do not support this media?


That’s crappy CMC media, right?


You can find some of them (at least 4 different) here.


It’s TDK0001 as far as I remember.


Scan the media ID. Don’t guess at it.


Ok! I’am bad!!! I remember that first was TDK001 but new one is RICOHJPN R01. And (!) it’s reading (not very good) by SONY DDU-1621! What the fake??? :frowning: I’ll try test it on mine again today.


Exuse me - the first TDK is RICOHJPNR01 also! It can’t read by my Pioneer DVR-109 with 1.17 firmware but can by SONy and NEC DVD-ROM. It can’t read by DVR-109 with 1.05 firmware too. I’ll try reflash mine to ASUS and try again.