Pioneer DVR 109 - A general question about Firmware



Hello all,

I have a couple general questions about firmware. I bought my burner in Toronto one month ago and it has Firmware version 1.01 installed on it. I have found a type of media I like (Verbatim DVD+R 4X) that burns very nicely.

Should I mess with a good thing, or is it always a benefit to move to the current firmware? Other than installing the wrong firmware for my drive (which I won’t do), are there any risks involved with moving up?

Lastly if I do decide to move up to 1.17, does it matter whether I pull the upgrade file from the Pioneer USA, Europe or Australia website? They all seem the same but have slightly different file names.

Thanks so much everyone. Your help so far has been tremendous.



They are all the same thing :wink:


Thanks XpProf,

Do you think that I should update, or is it not worth doing if I don’t have any problems right now? Do you always install it, regardless of your current performance?



f/w 1.17 seems to be good. I would upgrade. Also, if you have oem drive, you may wanna consider cross flashing it to retail to open a riplock, if nothing else. Link for that is on Pioneer forum. I got mine flashed, and very happy.
However, still waiting for a nice new f/w. Pioneer 109 did not impress me much yet. Benq 1620(f/w b7t9), Lg4063(f/w 103) are solid. Way too much fuzz over Pioneer and Nec drives(freaks do like their unofficial f/w :wink:


Pioneer is recomening the upgrade so you better follow their advice, after all they created it, If you ever need to RMA the unit they may actualy ask you to update it! (100% fiction here :bigsmile: )

I am also waiting for a better firmware, but I did not encounter major issue with the drive so far! Except for the buffer fluctuation but since I am now sure they are related to the walking opc present in those unit I am less in a hurry to see one show-up

I owned LG, Plextor, and now PIO so far the Pio is doing well in my book.