Pioneer DVR 109 8x write speed



I have stuck with the pioneer 107D as i can burn at 6x right from start all the way through the burn.Is the new Pioneer DVR 109 able to burn an 8x disc at 8x right from start of burn to finish? :bow: <<< I will be doing that if it does.


I think no.
It will start at 4x or 6x…


I am pretty sure it starts at 6x. If speed is your only concern with a writer then I think your making a big mistake.

I would gladly give up a minute or so for a quality burn.


absolutely not. 6x is the max CLV write speed. i was actually wondering what’s the fastest CLV speed for NEC, Benq and LG.


That is my point if i cant get my burner to burn at the same speed right the way through the disc (from start to finish),then the burn won’t be a quality burn.I bought a pioneer A08 and updated the fimware and using (the most reliable dvd burning program there is in my opinion) Pioneer record now DX version 4.5>5.0.The write option would give me a choice of 2x,4x, then jumping straight 8x and so on, that is why i ask if the new model ( 109 )will burn at the 8x speed right from start


it won’t. still at 6x.