Pioneer Dvr-109/110/111



Better 109, 110 or 111?




109 was good , 110 is a crappy reader “at least for me” , with 111 Pioneer should have fixed some issues with older models .
Any way I 've had both 109 and 110 and believe me the Sony 810A (Benq 1640 oem) that I bought yesterday impressed me with things that no Pioneer drives never had .


The general consensus among PIONEER afficiadados is that the 111 is the best since the 108. The 111-D crossflashed to A11XL that I’ve been using for a few weeks is a great performer. Big improvement over the 110 @ 16X. I have had a BENQ1640 for quite some time and it is a good all-around workhorse and I use it everyday for ripping and quality scanning in nero cd dvd speed. If scanning is imortant to you the BENQ is a good choice. Of course it cannot read or write to DVD RAM like the 111 which for me is important. No drive excels at everything.


For me my ASUS 1608P2S rocks as of now and the thing is that I my friend has Benq 1640 and it burns very well in good quality media but in cheapo media it does not burn properly it always results in burn failure. But my ASUS 1608P2S burns very well in cheapo as well as good quality media very well.


I just got the Sony 810A (Benq 1640) and it is waaaay better than my Asus 1608P2S (Pio 110) in reading and Error Correction .
I have some discs CMC MAG E01 8X that I burnt @ 12X on my late Asus 1608P (Pio 109) , the 110 failed at reading them while the Benq read them with very smooth curve and a quality score of 95 :bow:
I will soon replace the 1608P2S with 1608P3S (Pio 111) and see whether Pioneer fixed the issues with previous models or not .


For me as I said now ASUS 1608P2S rocks since many times I burn only on Cheapo media… And the Cheapo disc’s which i get here do not get burnt with Benq 1640. And for ripping I use Lite-ON 1633S which is a pretty fast ripper.


I guess you didn’t get the memo that PIONEER drives are not good scanners…


For scanning I use my Lite-ON 1633S


I know they are not good scanners , but not reading discs properly or not at all is the problem .
It is not just benchmarking the media , it is real life reading errors .


Yes, this is true…but doesn’t the Pio111 do a better job then the previous models? I am just asking, because I don’t have a Pioneer drive.


Just how are you quantifying these “real life reading errors”?


I can only give you my personal experience. The PIONEER drives I currently own, 110 and 111, will scan but s-l-o-w-l-y. They also do not report jitter which I rely on along with PIE and PIF numbers to evaluate media.
In short I much prefer my BENQ drives for scanning but as a burner the 111 is hard to beat. Again, these are my personal experiences.


Thanks for the reply.
I knew of the slow scan speed (I think something like 3X), but I didn’t know it can’t report jitter. I’m about to buy the 111D (and then flash it to a 111) to replace my LG4120B, and I just like to know everything before I buy something. Thanks.


When you try to copy data from a disc to the HDD and it won’t do that giving an error after trying “realy hard” to copy .
I didn’t know anything about quality scans when I purchased my first DVD Writer , I started to know about it when I started to have problems in copying my data back to HDD , then I tried the same discs on the Benq 1640 and found it copying / quality scanning / giving smooth curves .
The most important thing to me is having my data safe , I’ve had 3 HDDs dying on me with alot of data on them and thought that optical storage media like DVDs would be more safe :doh:


The Pio burners will perform a quality media scan at 3x - 4x regardless what you select.

The Benqs are overhyped in some areas, especially when it comes to DL and RW burning qualities. :-X


But Pio would show 10 times more PIE , and it could give a score of 26 to a disc that would show 95 on Benq .

And thank God that I don’t have RW or DL media :bigsmile:


Pio burners are not reliable and no measure for quality media scans…


then why do they bother having that feature if they arent reliable? lol you’d think they would just cut that out


I have never experienced this problem. Everything I’ve tried has copied and “ripped” perfectly. This isn’t a problem with PIONEER per se but a problem with your drive on your system.


Actually, PIONEER, has never supported Nero cd dvd speed quality scanning.