Pioneer DVR-108B Recognition Problems!

Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased the Pioneer DVR-108B (black; set to master) from and have it encased in a Mapower 5.25 USB 2.0 enclosure (driver supplied by XP detection). It is running the latest firmware: 1.14. I managed to set it all up, had XP (Service Pack 2) recognize both the drive and the enclosure, and burned two PS2 game backups. The media used was Ritek’s Ridata 4x DVD+R. Since the second burn, XP now only sees the drive as a CD-drive.

I’m on a Compaq Presario 1505US laptop and the only settings I remember experimenting with were IDE ADA/ATAPI values in Device Manager. I have since restored them to default values. I have attached the Primary and Secondary settings as .jpg’s (I hope they show up, first post on CdFreaks).

The drive will not recognize blank DVD media. It does however manage to read DVD movies as well as the two game backups I made. Upon clicking the DVD icon in My Computer when a blank DVD is inserted, XP spits out the following error statement: “E:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.”

I have scrutinized every search possible, many forums (including this one) and even (which needs a mass overhaul in terms of material update). From what I’ve discovered through reading various posts, this drive is made by Piodata, but not sure who they are. I went to and they offered a 1.14 firmware update. I tried that application, but the firmware update didn’t recognize that a drive existed.

Someone elewhere said that Roxio has conflicts with Win XP as far as drives are concerned. I went to;EN-US;315350, but that didn’t do ANYthing for me. I’ve even uninstalled Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic (upgraded through their Website to ver., but that didn’t help as well.

I’ve noticed a lot of people are having the same problem. Can anyone please help? I’m so PISSED. =(