Pioneer DVR-108B Booting Issue

When the PC boots/reboots with a blank/not blank cd or dvd in the drive the pc stops booting. This can only be corrected by ejecting the disc and the pc continues to load as normal. I called Pioneer tech support and they stated they never heard of this problem.
I also don’t care for the fact that the drive drawer dosen’t close when i reboot the PC. I do a lot of work remotely and need to read the disc after it’s done.
Anyone have this problem? I figure i would ask before i go switching drives and pc’s around. Prior to this dirve i had a Sony Dru500a in there that never had these issues. Maybe you have to reinstall windows now when you upgrade ur burner? :bigsmile:

Other then this problem the drive works great :iagree:

It is the master drive on the secondary IDE with the newest firmware v1.18 running on a 1.67ghz AMD with 1gig of ram and WinXP SP2. It dosen’t matter what software i use to burn the disc either.

If anyone else is having that problem please let me know, esp if you came up with a fix.

BTW ive had pioneer dvdrom and writers for past 4 years and none close drawer on reboot of pc my teac cdrw’s or cdrw/dvd combos and various other rom drives ive had on loan do, lol

Before you change things around, you may want to try this simple solution first. From Windows device manager, uninstall both drives on that IDE channel. Then reboot Windows and let it detect the two drives and reinstall the drivers for them. Just an idea that may work. It wouldn’t hurt anything.

Good luck.