Pioneer dvr-108 why does it take about 1 hour to write a full 4.7 dvd-r

I have just bought a dvr-108 and it is writing very slow.

i had a matshita 2 speed writer before and that use to write a full 4.7 dvd-r disc in about 10 mins and this new one take about 2 hours to write at 4x on same disc.

i have tried different make of discs but still no effect.

i have a laptop so i am using a usb 2.0 to IDE cable.

can someone help me on how to fix this problem.

my email is

any suggestions wud be great

I don’t know what you’re smoking, but a 2x Matshita writer would take ~30 minutes to burn a complete disc.

Either a subpar USB 2.0 controller or the USB 2.0-IDE bridge is the bottleneck, I would assume.

lol not smokin nothing most of the time it was about 2.5 gb of data i burned so it took normally 15 minutes.

i have installed the device to a friends pc ide controller, and still its slow as hell.

and i use a couple of external usb 2.0 hubs still vey slow.

any other suggestions people

For starters I don’t think the 108 was made to put in an enclosure and work off of USB 2.0. I would think that specific drivers would be needed to enable the DMA4 or UDMA66 that the 108 supports. The drive is made to run off of an 80 pin IDE cable, NOT A USB 2.0. Is the IDE cable that connects to the USB 2.0 an 80 pin on it’s end?

Have you looked in device manager to make sure the hard drive with the image is running in DMA mode. Because if it’s running in PIO mode then that’s your problem right there.

yes it is running running under dma , would you know where i could get drivers for the 108 so it can run on usb 2.0.

if you can hel me out that woul dbe great

the only USB 2.0 drivers that are around are from Microsoft and were implemented in XP, but at least SP1 is nessasary.

Use a FIREWIRE ENCLOSURE instead of a USB one. USB has compatiblity problems with DVD BURNERS.