Pioneer DVR-108 ...URGENT HELP!

Well here’s the problem…I just bought 100 pack of RiData from newegg…i have a DVR- 108…Im trying to burn XBOX games but my XBOX isnt recognizing them. Also after a DVD is burned when i put it back in the computer … it recognizes it as a blank disk…Ive tried both Nero and Alcohol…My firmware version is 1.20…Im using a genuine XBOX drive. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!

are the ridata +R ?

They are RiData DVD-R’s

Um, is your xbox chipped?


to burn xbox games, you first must have the xbox connected to your pc via the network cable. then use flashfxp to ftp all the files from the xbox game to a folder on your pc hdd. once this is done, use simplexiso to make an iso file again on your pc. then just start nero and open iso files, locate the iso that you created with simplexiso and then just burn and finalise disc. this works each and every time.

the only problem you may incur will be if your xbox dvd-rom wont read the ri-data.

there are other programs that you can use to make an iso. like xiso, however i have experienced games that wont load in the xbox when I created the iso with xiso. also you can just burn the files onto dvd-r (data) with record now max without making an iso but I have found the xbox dvd-rom takes longer to load the games and seeks more often while playing the game.