Pioneer DVR-108 Trouble

I recently bought hardware pioneer dvr-108. i installed the drive and windows detected it automatically…windows says the drive is working properly but when i use by burning software to burn it will read disks but will not write. it appears with message saying it cant access volume info as access is denied. however it wont burn at all onto dvd-r but will burn on to dvd+rw but only at 1.5X plz someone help me here!! :slight_smile:

Please give us some more information on your system like hardware, set-up, drivers, etc. Also mention to us which software you’re using to burn DVDs with. Without this information it’s impossible to say what the problem is…

Um Im currently using dvd decypter and since my last post of have overcome 1 of my 2 problems. tHE issue now is when i start up dvd decryppter everything looks normal i can copy the data to my hard drive but when it comes to the write things go bad!
i insert my blank and it still tells me everything is ok then when you go to burn it does the write lead in but once it comes to writing the image i get an error saying “Invalid address for write”
my comp is windows xp pent 4 512mb ram 2ghz
In the past with my other dvd burners i have had no problems but this one has me stunned
plz help!!!

Did you D/L the latest version of DVD Decrypter? The 108 is a brand new burner so it could be that if you have a version that is slightly older, that it might not support it. Also have you checked to make sure that your jumper settings are set properly?

Jumper Settings…:-S wouldnt have a clue what they are?? could u help me with checking this

Jumper settings are small plastic caps on the back of your drive. With these jumpers you can set the drive to Master, Slave or Cable-Select mode. If you drive is attached as single device on your IDE cable then the jumper must be set to Master. If there is a second drive attached to the channel then set your Pioneer to Master and the second drive to Slave. Cable-Select is normally not recommended to use. You can probably find more information on the jumpers in the manual that came with your drive.

hi again thanks for your help got everything working now only one issue.
its only burning at a max of 1.8X is there settings somewhere that i need to change?