Pioneer DVR-108 Stuck in PIO Mode!



Added: Oops, I’m retarded, I posted this in the wrong forum… my bad.

I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-108… I installed it as the slave on my primary IDE channel.

I updated the firmware to the newest 1.14 release, then set the entire IDE channel on “DMA If Available”… I restarted, and the Master drive, my Yamaha burner, was successfully set to Ultra DMA Mode 2, but the DVD burner is still stuck in PIO Mode!!

Is this a problem? I’ve heard that running in PIO mode causes problems… or is the drive supposed to just run in PIO mode?

I’ll be ever indebted to anyone that can help me… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’m running XP with SP2.

Added: Hmm, i’ve been reading a lot about the importance of 80 wire IDE cables? Whats the difference between these and normal IDE cables? I’m just using a rounded Antec cable… :sad: :sad: :sad:


Go to device manager, select the IDE Controller, right click and choose uninstall, then reboot and it should be fixed.


yay! It worked! Thanks a lot man.