Pioneer dvr-108 strange burning trouble

:confused: just got myself a pioneer dvr-108 (firmware 1.10) from and i removed my pioneer dvr-106 from my computer and installed the dvr-108, powered up and as soon as my desktop came up ,xp blue screened and locked. restarted and xp found my drive and everything seemed to work ok. but here is where it gets weird,i bought some Beall 4x dvd-r media from, because i have tried this media with my dvr-106 and it worked flawlessly.anywho i backed up a ps2 game i own and played the backup for 3 hours and i reset the ps2 and now it wont play or my computer wont even recognize it as a valid disc ,yet it burned it great and at 4x. i have tried several burning programs and it does the same thing. i also tried backing up one of my movies and it does it too. i will burn the disc, put it in my standalone player and it plays flawlessly, but when i try it the next day it wont play at all , in anything!!! :frowning:
anyone out there had similar problems because this is the first time i have had any problems with pioneer drives, i even own a dvr-a03 and it still works great in my other computer. could i have a defective drive? this is the strangest burning problem i have ever seen. anyone have any advice or solutions? i would appreciate any positive input ,thxs all :bigsmile:

the 108 is ata66 drive i must have 80 pin cable, also on xp in some cases it will not detect as udma 4 but as DMA WS 2 if your not using the 108 as slave, I have no idea why this is so, but in some cases on xp if the 108 is jumpeed as master by it self or as master with another drive as slave its not happy but set the 108 as slave and all is well.

i have it set as master by itself on the secondary ide channel and the bios detects it at udma66 and i also have a 80 pin cable . i will try to set it as slave and give that a whirl. thxs for your help and if this works i will follow up. :iagree:


to set it as slave it must be with another drive as master, it wont work by it self as slave.

Setting up as MASTER alone on the bus is recommended by PIONEER.

Just for info…

Mine’s on Secondary/Slave and all is well. Flashed to 1.14 successfully.

Running XP home SP2.

my a08xl is pri slave and it flashed fine from 1.10 to 1.14XL version

window XP pro SP2

intel chipset 845, using ms EIDE drivers.