Pioneer DVR-108 , Speed problems on Ritek



Last week I bought a Pioneer DVR-108 to replace my old Nec 1300A, since it had started becoming faulty. The DVD Burner came with the latest firmware, v1.20 and passed my Media Read Tests superbly, much faster read speed than my Nec.

However when I was about to test it’s burning with my Ritek Discs ( : The Inkjet Printable ones, G04 Purple Dye I beleive ), I found that Nero 7 would only burn at 4x +, on my Nec I was able to burn these at 2x, and did so because I’m paranoid about errors.

I doubt that this is Nero’s fault, so what can I do about this? I don’t really like burning about 2x speed, is there anyway to force it at 2x?

I just found this very weird, because the DVD-RW’s I use still burn at the same speed, 1x-2x. But 2x just isn’t an option anymore on this burner, I’m very confused.



G04 is 4x rated media, so you should always burn at the rated speed.
=> 4x

For what sense 2x burning on 4x rated dvd media??? For what??


The 108 drive is quiet old, it was replaced a long time ago. latest Pioneer drive is the 111D, hope you didn’t buy the drive from new, in that case it has been on the shelve too long.


… I just looked up the latest drive, it’s about 3 quid more expensive than what I paid for the 108 :confused: Jesus christ… okay I’ll probably get that one then, however will it be able to burn my discs at 2x like it should be?


“Like it should be…” Wrong!

Please read the supported medialist for Pioneer writers table on the Pioneer support sites.


So if I buy the 111D and it still will only do it at 4x minimum, will it be okay? Being the latest in burning technology and such?

Also, could you link the Writers Table?


It’s here:

4x is the slowest speed for dvd media rated higher than 4x.


Thanks, Just ordered my DVR-111D , however if 4x is the slowest speed, how come my older Nec 1300A could burn it at 2x?


Pioneer thought that it’s useless to burn 4X media at 2x. Same with my Benq 1640. You can burn 1X/2X media at 2X … I have some Ritek(G03)/Prodisc(G02) to play.

If you insist, stick with NEC 1300A. You remind me with my good old A05 …


I see, well I’ll be conducting a series of burning tests when it arrives anyway, if they all pass, no coasters… then I guess I can be happy burning faster but keeping the same quality.